India stresses global engagement to achieve climate change goals

India stresses global engagement to achieve climate change goals

New Delhi, Nov 20: India has called for commitment from the global clean energy community for access to sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve global climate goals as one of the mitigation measures.

Addressing the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) for the Mission Innovation Initiative, Union Minister for Science & Technology, DrJitendra Singh drew attention to the efforts made by India along with Mission Innovation Members in taking forward the Mission Innovation 2.0 through the newly developed Mission “Integrated Biorefineries” that was launched on the occasion.

The Minister said, India, through Mission Innovation”, is actively engaged in collaborative efforts to catalyse inspiring innovation goals that will lead to affordable and scale-up of clean energy solutions. He welcomed the global clean energy community to make every effort to ensure global engagement in this Mission to achieve the mission’s universal objectives on time.

DrJitendra Singh said India with the Netherlands aims to leverage its extensive experience in research and innovation, support for the start-up ecosystem, and international collaborations, through the launch of “Mission Integrated Biorefineries”. The Mission brings together a dynamic and delivery-focused alliance of countries, the private sector, research institutes, and civil society to accelerate innovation in renewable fuels, chemicals, and materials for a low-carbon future.

Addressing the Ministers, CEOs, and senior representatives from Government and Private Sectors, Dr. Jitendra Singh noted that greenhouse gas emissions from the transport and chemical sectors account for about one-third of the global emission and is projected to increase and informed that India through the Department of Biotechnology has been promoting R&D in sustainable biofuels including sustainable aviation fuels.

The Minister added that the development and demonstration of biorefinery technologies for sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials can help accelerate the development of bio-based solutions and must be at the forefront of efforts to create a low-carbon future that is sustainable for society’s well-being while also being environmentally friendly. (India Science Wire)


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