Forex Trading Will Rise With AI-Led Solutions, Says Award-Winning Trader Siby Varghese

Forex Trading Will Rise With AI-Led Solutions Says Award-Winning Trader Siby Varghese

The biggest financial market in the world is foreign exchange market. For those who aren’t aware already, the Forex market is bigger even than the stock market. Though it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the fastest growing market spaces in the world, it is as important to understand the main force that drives this market. It is none other than Artificial Intelligence or AI, as it is popularly known as. AI is revolutionizing the Forex sector by marrying prediction with accuracy. Markets are already using AI to generate better and bigger profits because Robotic Trading can make projections about market forecast on its own and do automatic trading on your behalf through your Broker. This is the most efficient, simple, safe, and affordable way to get the most out of your money while trading in the Forex, Crypto and Stocks markets.

One man who is riding the crest of the wave of technological advancement in the Forex market is Siby Varghese, who is today a brand to reckon with as far as market predictions go. Siby is an award-winning Forex trader, who believes in AI-led solutions for better trading results. Speaking of his prediction about Robotic Trading, Siby says, “The FX and OTC Derivatives Markets Survey conducted by the Triennial Central Bank in 2019 had predicted that the daily market volume in Forex would reach the neighbourhood of $6.6 Trillion. Naturally, traders are looking for accurate solutions to help them navigate the risks and increase the accuracy of their predictions. Therefore, AI solutions work out best in this scenario.”

Talking about harnessing AI for trading purpose, Siby equates it with what fire once was for the cavemen. Speaking like a true industry player, he claims that AI or Robot-assisted trading was going to be a game-change for the world financial markets in the coming decade. He adds, “Humans will continue to play a big role in the trading equation, but I can see AI gaining an increasingly significant role with each passing minute.” Quoting a recent study conducted by the UK research firm, Coalition, Siby notes, “Electronic trading also accounts for about 45% of revenues generated by cash equities trading. Even the more reluctant hedge funds are making use of AI-driven analysis to generate ideas for investment as well as portfolio building.”

Armed with the knowledge that Siby has gained over the years working as a popular Forex trader and trainer, he is clear that traders today will have to partner with AI if they want the best results for their investments or those of their clients. In this regard, Siby, under his own brand, provides Automatic Trading AI software, which helps traders run their business comfortably without compromising on its outcome. The software comes loaded with features, including – Complete Automation, No Prior Experience Required, VPS Assistance, Continuous Updates, User-Friendly, MT4 Compatible, Works 24×7, Instant Market Execution, Low Capital Requirement, and Same Day Delivery and Installation.

What puts Siby a cut above the rest is his ability to study the market and predict just the correct path forward for his clients. This accuracy comes from years of self-learning, which Siby was inspired towards when he first came across a catchy advertisement that said “Dare to become Rich by Promoting the World Class Video Technology.” Although Siby was already aware of the wide gap between the haves and have-nots, it never stopped him from daring to dream a better life for himself and those around him. It was his girlfriend who came to his rescue by handing over her life saving to him so that he could become a member of the MLM Company. That proved to be Siby’s turning point in life, as he started learning the art of selling. Within two months, Siby was riding towards success and by 2015, he had taken up a full-time career in Forex trading.

Now, as AI-assisted trading has taken the world by storm, Siby is ready to help those who want to join the bandwagon with his efficient and simple-to-use Automatic Trading AI software. With this, he is also offering the highest standard of account security as well as the best customer service in the segment.


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