Elinchrom expands presence with new distribution partnership in Asia with Stim Licht


Elinchrom, a renowned provider of professional lighting solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with a new distributor in India and the Gulf Countries. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Elinchrom, further strengthening its global presence and reaffirming its commitment to serving the needs of photographers and professionals in these regions.

Elinchrom is a leading manufacturer of professional lighting solutions for photographers and professionals in the imaging industry. With a strong commitment to innovation and quality, Elinchrom has provided photographers worldwide with cutting-edge lighting technology for over 50 years. Elinchrom’s product range includes studio strobes, portable lighting systems, light modifiers, and accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of photographers in various genres.

In India, Elinchrom has joined forces with StimLicht, a leading photography equipment distributor with an extensive network and a strong reputation since 25 years for excellence in customer service. With a deep understanding of the local market, StimLicht will significantly expand Elinchrom’s reach and ensure seamless access to its cutting-edge lighting solutions throughout India. Similarly, in the Gulf Countries, Elinchrom is also partnering with StimLicht for its industry expertise and exceptional distribution capabilities.

By leveraging its market knowledge and established relationships, StimLicht will exclusively represent Elinchrom, making its products readily available to photographers and professionals in the region. «We are delighted to welcome StimLicht to the Elinchrom family,» stated Simon Whittle, CEO of Elinchrom «This partnership marks an important milestone in our company’s growth strategy as we expand our presence in these key region Elinchrom – June 2023 StimLicht brings extensive experience, market insights, and a shared passion for delivering excellence, making them the ideal partner to represent Elinchrom in India and the Gulf Countries.»

StimLicht (a division of VEPL) has completed 25 glorious years in the distribution field in more than 30 countries globally. Its main motto is to provide customers with reliable and accurate products where they would be satisfied and return for more, proving the tagline «Here Reliability and Accuracy Meets». This success story was started in 1998 by two visionary technocrats, Raakesh Verma and Ganesh Kumar. With their innovative ideas and skilled techniques, these prime movers developed a robust distribution network for world-class products. StimLicht has received the ISO 9001:2000 certificate through the combined efforts of our entire team. We have in-house technical support and service support in its territories present. With the unending enthusiasm and desire to grow, StimLicht promises to take customer satisfaction to higher altitudes.

Photographers and professionals in India and the Gulf Countries can now experience Elinchrom’s products’ exceptional quality and performance through StimLicht’s extensive network of authorized resellers and online platforms. This new distribution partnership aims to foster greater accessibility, allowing photographers across the area to explore their creativity and capture outstanding images using Elinchrom’s world-class lighting solutions. For more information about Elinchrom’s products and to find authorized dealers in India and the Gulf Countries, please visit StimLicht’s website atwww.StimLicht.com.

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