TTK Prestige launches Svachh Flip-On, a spillage-control modular pressure cooker that opens with just a flip


New Delhi: TTK Prestige, India’s leading kitchen appliances company, launched Svachh Flip-On Pressure cooker. This is India’s first spillage control modular pressure cooker with a unique lid-lock mechanism. The name arises from the fact that this range of pressure cookers can be unlocked simply by flipping the handle.

This new revolutionary pressure cooker completely transforms your kitchen experience and comes with an innovative design where you can lock or unlock the lid by just flipping the handle. There is no need to align the lid, unlike other pressure cookers. The lid can be placed in any direction and closed without any hassle.

The innovation lies in the unique lid of the pressure cooker, which is so deep that it controls any spillage during the cooking process. The signature spillage-control lid ensures that there is no mess whilst cooking, thus reducing the amount of cleaning time.

TTK Prestige’s Flip-on range comes with an extra glass lid that allows the home cook to saute, steam, boil and cook along with pressure cooking in just one vessel. The home-cook can conveniently use the versatile glass lid during the cooking process and then to the table.

Keeping the safety and well-being of the home-cook in mind, Svachh Flip-On pressure cooker is packed with a host of innovative safety features. The pressure indicator adds an extra layer of safety and the unique locking mechanism ensures that the pressure doesn’t build up until the cooker is closed properly and that it cannot be opened until the pressure inside the cooker subsides.

The tri-ply bottom in the stainless steel Flip-On pressure cooker ensures that there is even heat distribution during the cooking process. This is particularly important as it ensures that food doesn’t get burnt. The Flip-On Svachh pressure cooker can be used on both induction and gas stoves. Featuring an induction bottom, this pressure cooker helps conserve energy, as it speeds up the cooking time. It also comes in a hard anodized variant.

This new range is available for purchase at Prestige Xclusive stores, select dealer outlets, the brand’s e-store and other leading e-commerce sites. So if you are looking to upgrade your pressure cooker and reduce the time you spend cleaning, then check out TTK Prestige’s new Svachh Flip-On pressure cooker.