Transforming Lives: Dr Raaj M Luthrra’s Journey with Numerology and Vastu


New Delhi [India], February 6, 2024 – For over 15 years, Dr Raaj M Luthrra has guided individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery through the ancient sciences of numerology and Vastu. His company, The Numero Care, established in 2010, offers a unique blend of coaching, consultancy, and educational resources, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

Motivated by a deep curiosity for this ancient knowledge, Dr Luthrra began his academic journey. His dedication has been recognised through numerous prestigious awards, including the Gold Medal, Vachaspati, and Lifetime Achievement awards, a testament to his expertise and impact. He has been awarded the title “Vastu and Numerology.”

From Books to Courses

Dr Luthrra’s enthusiasm goes past giving personal guidance. He has authored two acclaimed books on numerology, making these complex concepts accessible to a broader audience. These books not only provide self-understanding but also serve as valuable tools for aspiring numerologists seeking professional practice.

The Numero Care’s offerings cater to diverse needs. One-on-one coaching sessions provide personalised guidance, while video-recorded courses offer flexibility and in-depth learning. Its unique consultancy service employs a “navigation system,” tailored reports, and remedies to help individuals navigate life’s challenges.

Client Testimonials

The impact of Dr Luthrra’s work is evident in the countless lives transformed. Rriddhi Magan, a math teacher and student of Dr Luthrra, expresses her gratitude: “You have made numbers easy and logical, allowing me to share this knowledge with my students. This course has enriched my life, and I look forward to helping others live happier lives.”

Another student echoes this sentiment, sharing how Dr Luthrra’s guidance transformed their personal and professional life. “This class immensely changed my life,” they shared, “You helped me understand things and find hope. Thank you for your support.”

Sunny Gupta, a client from Australia, faced challenges in his marriage due to what he described as “anti-combination” based on numerology principles. After contacting Dr Luthrra, Sunny received personalised guidance, including a name change suggestion and specific remedies.

Sunny shares his positive experience: “Thanks to Dr Luthrra’s insightful consulting and solutions, I’m happy to say that my relationship with my wife has significantly improved. We’re living a happier and more harmonious life together.”

Dr Luthrra says, “Names are very important in our life. If it is not on the right number, then a lot of problems can arise in life.”

Dr Luthrra’s commitment to spreading awareness extends beyond India. He has conducted lectures in Australia, the UK, and Europe, sharing his knowledge with international audiences. His dedication is further reflected in his upcoming book launch at the prestigious World Book Fair in Delhi on February 16th, 2024.

Looking Ahead

Dr. Luthrra’s dedication to empowering individuals through numerology and Vastu extends far beyond the present. The Numero Care is constantly evolving, with exciting new projects and initiatives on the horizon:

  • Expanding Educational Resources: Numero Care plans to launch a comprehensive online learning platform, offering a wider range of interactive courses and certifications for aspiring numerologists and Vastu practitioners.
  • Introducing Specialised Services: Recognising the diverse needs of individuals, The Numero Care aims to introduce specialised consultations for career guidance, relationship compatibility, and children’s development, using numerological insights.
  • Community Building: Fostering a supportive community is vital. The Numero Care plans to host online workshops, webinars, and live sessions, creating a space for knowledge sharing and connection among individuals interested in numerology and Vastu.
  • Global Reach: Dr Luthrra’s commitment to international outreach continues. The Numero Care is exploring partnerships and collaborations to offer consultations and educational resources to a broader global audience.

About The Numero Care

Numero Care takes one step further and provides “the quality of education, prediction, Vastu, and yantras” as part of a holistic approach to well-being. Additionally, the company prioritises client care through continuous support and guidance, fostering lasting positive change.

Dr Luthrra’s journey exemplifies the power of ancient wisdom to unlock personal potential and transform lives. Through The Numero Care, he continues to empower individuals to navigate life’s complexities and build a brighter future, one number and space at a time.

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