Transformative Force in Social Activism and Education: Shoba Manikandan’s Inspirational Journey


In the dynamic realms of social activism and education, Shoba Manikandan emerges as a guiding force, casting a transformative glow across various domains. Her multifaceted roles as a woman, entrepreneur, social activist, educationist, child psychologist, blog writer, and children’s education researcher underscore a commitment to driving meaningful change.

Rooted in a family with a profound history in politics and social service, Shoba inherited a legacy of activism from her illustrious mother, a distinguished political and social figure. Married to the versatile Mr. Manikandan K, whose interests span share markets, film production, and distribution, Shoba adeptly balances her roles as a societal leader and a devoted mother to Varshin and Aathavi.

In addition to her social initiatives, Shoba Manikandan’s dedication to healthcare is commendable. She has conducted more than 150 Cataract Surgery Camps, providing crucial medical services. Furthermore, her counseling efforts have reached more than five thousand school and family girls, fostering mental well-being.

Shoba’s unique approach involves investing the proceeds from her business ventures back into her service initiatives. She refrains from receiving awards for her services, prioritizing the success achieved through her vision and the impact on children’s education worldwide.

Born into a socially minded family with three generations actively involved in industry and politics, Shoba’s commitment to service was inspired by students collecting money for Gujarati real-life projects. This realization led her to pursue a profession, training as a beautician, and using the earnings to serve college students and engage in social initiatives

Shoba’s journey in social service traces back to her school years, notably through active participation in the National Cadet Corps (NCC), where she imbibed values of patriotism and heroism.

The college phase marked a turning point as Shoba, inspired by the former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, founded the “Ilampengal Pasarai” organization, creating a pathway for college students to engage in politics.

Shoba’s philanthropic endeavors flourished during her college days, organizing poetry competitions and fundraising events that highlighted her unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes, including raising funds for the Gujarat earthquake relief.

In 2004, Shoba established the VBU Trust, a testament to her dedication to women empowerment, child safety, health, and education. The trust actively engages in impactful programs such as eye donation campaigns, rural development, and green projects.

Shoba’s impact extends to the education sector, spearheading the ELS Edification Plus initiative. As the Director for the India office, she propels educational research, child behavior counseling, and training, aligning with global standards.

Shoba’s commitment to modernizing education is evident in her emphasis on the ELS curriculum. Aligned with global education standards and inspired by Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy, she challenges traditional teaching methods.

From participating in Cabinet meetings to leading humanitarian missions in cyclone-affected areas, Shoba’s efforts have garnered recognition from esteemed individuals and institutions. Awards, meetings with Tamil Nadu ministers, and collaborations with international organizations underscore her impactful contributions.

Shoba Manikandan’s journey is more than a personal odyssey; it’s a narrative of transformative power in social activism and education. Standing at the intersection of multiple roles, Shoba inspires positive change, leaving an enduring impact on the community.

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