This beauty connoisseur who is slaying the gram with her stunning content: Anoushka Mhatre

This beauty connoisseur who is slaying the gram with her stunning content Anoushka Mhatre
Anoushka Mhatre

A beauty content creator by profession, Anoushka Mhatre started her journey with a Motivational blog – My Exuberant Hues and gained a steady social media following. Currently, she has an Instagram family of 12 thousand plus followers who follow her page for Beauty content.

Her content is an amalgamation of skincare, haircare and makeup suggestions, beauty product reviews and beauty tips and everything beauty.

Oftentimes the path to earning a living and living your passion never intersects. Innumerous youngsters post on social media and dream of being famous and working for brands, but not everyone can influence, and those who can are already making a career out of it and Anoushka is one of them.

“If you create content that connects well with the audience, they`re certainly going to follow you. And once you have acquired authority in your specific niche brands will get in touch with you,” Anoushka said.

Her content is full of exuberance, assertiveness and is helpful for the audience as well as the brand.

So far she has successfully worked with many leading international, local and small brands and her content has not just helped people find the right product for themselves but also helped brands find their respective consumers.

What makes her content distinctive is that she doesn’t create content just for the sake of gaining popularity her content is informative

She shoots the videos herself. The process is time-consuming; there are various factors that need to be taken care of before and after filming and posting a video and she manages to do it all by herself! She is a post graduate in cytogenetics and, professionally, a junior research associate in a reputed multi-national pharmaceutical company but when it comes to her passion for blogging and content creation we were amazed by her passion and perseverence to create content.

Her passion to create content and help people is not the only motive behind the page she believes that beauty comes from within and with her videos she is trying to convey that instead of hiding you imperfections boast about your unique features. She is an ardent advocate of body positivity and self-love.

When asked how it felt to working with so many big brands, she responded.

“It’s like an “omg pinch me” moment when I realize that I’m working with brands that I could only dream about at 17!”

Towards the end she stated, “I feel blessed to have a family that supports me and people who believe in me and brands who trust me and my ability to create content”.

We look forward to seeing her make-up skills and product recommendations whenever she publishes a new video.

If Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle interests you too you should definitely follow her and show your support! We are certain that you will not be disappointed!

And we wish her the best of luck for all her future collaborations and accolades.

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