The thriving youth: Jitnedra Gujrati

The thriving youth: Jitnedra Gujrati
Jitnedra Gujrati

The digital world has opened doors for many opportunities if one is ready to squeeze in! Talent taps into the energetically growing influencer market by providing end-to-end solutions for all influencers on board and is a fast growing field. When we talk about talent and energy, how do we not mention Jitnedra Gujrati, one of India’s leading influential youth influencers. His main interests are seen in fashion, lifestyle, and motivating youngsters to follow their passion. Jitendra’s feed is filled with creative yet useful content. At a very tender age of 20, he achieved milestones in his career. Along with being an influential personality, Jitnedra is a government employee at India Post (Department of Post) under the Ministry of Communications, the world’s largest postal network. Not to mention, it’s an utter work of brains and talent combined to excel in two different fields. In no span, Jitendra managed to create a solid base of 679k fan base on Instagram.

He uses this platform as an influencer marketer. All products are reviewed personally with an unbiased opinion. His content is genuine and entertaining to the audience as well. Top-notch brands like Nexa, Skyexch, Otrix, Havells India, Gillette India, Spotify, Royal Stage, Zoomin, Uncle Tony, Rummy culture, Wolf777, Lays India etc. have collaborated with him. Just like how immense hard work is required to make a moment picture-perfect, not every moment is capable. Jitnedra wasn’t born with a silver spoon. He worked hard to make his way through. He even has his fair share of challenges to overcome. To get his government job, he has to struggle a lot.

He knows the steps to success but he has such a grounded personality that he says he will never forget his roots. That is when we know he truly deserves it. With astounding projects and brands, he is one of India’s most popular figures and has the potential to become the leading Influencer. In today’s modern world, we need more young people like Jitendra Gujrati to come out of their comfort zone and work to maximum potential. His page on Instagram @jitendra_gujrati_offical is a 10/10 recommendation to follow for entertaining and useful content.

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