Sulemani Power Ring: Combining Tradition & Innovation in the World of Gemstones

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Ajmer (Rajasthan) [India]: Sulemani Power Ring, a leading gemstone supplier with a rich family heritage, enables people to reach their greatest potential in health, wealth, success, and protection. Founded in 2010 by Mr Mohammed Gulam Sarwar Shaikah, known as Mr Sarwar Faridi, whose family has been dedicated to gemstones for generations, the brand carries forward a legacy of providing authentic, ethically sourced gemstones charged with their natural power.

Sulemani Power Ring’s dedication towards empowerment and honest intent has been acknowledged on prestigious platforms. Arbaaz Khan, the well-known actor, awarded Mr Faridi the prized “Brand Icon of The Year Award” at the Radisson Blue Hotel in New Delhi on January 15, 2023. This honour, along with the “Bharat Gaurav Ratna Award” given in December 2023, bears witness to the brand’s relentless commitment to ethics, quality, and enabling its clients to have happy lives.

A Tradition of Gems and Gemstone Therapy

Sulemani Power Ring’s journey began 50 years ago with Mr Faridi’s father, who hailed from a renowned gem-mining family in Ajmer. Motivated by a burning desire to conserve the inherent purity of gemstones, his objective was to make them accessible to those searching for their transformative potential. Today, the brand proudly upholds this mission, offering 100% certified natural gemstones and expert astrological guidance.

Sulemani Power Ring believes in the unique power of gemstones to enhance various aspects of life. The brand’s offerings include:

  • Gemstone Therapy: Tailored gemstone recommendations based on individual needs and birth profiles, promoting holistic well-being and addressing specific health concerns.
  • Relationship Harmony: Gemstones carefully chosen to foster love, happiness, and understanding within family, friendships, and romantic relationships.
  • Protection and Positivity: The brand provides stones that shield against negativity, fear, and stress while attracting positive energy, success, and prosperity.

Client Testimonials

Sharing his delight, Arman Siddique expressed, “We had the best experience from start to finish with the company in purchasing our Sulemani Ring. Clear and easy communication and the ring was even more stunningly impressive in person! We highly recommend this company for quality gems!”

Shoyab Hussain, another satisfied customer, pointing to the easy process and exceptional product quality, said, “I highly recommend Sulemani Power Ring. My purchase experience was easy; they directed me to the right gem and educated me on its quality. I would give them 10 stars for the experience and quality of the product.”

Trusted Expertise and Growing Reach

With over 1,000 satisfied customers and a commitment to ethical sourcing and practices, Sulemani Power Ring has become a leading gemstone supplier. Their vision extends to empowering millions and achieving success in their chosen paths with the support of their meticulously crafted gemstone selections.

Sulemani Power Ring invites individuals seeking to harness the power of gemstones to explore their diverse collections and experience the transformative potential these natural treasures offer.

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