Siddhant Jaiswal says, “From earning Rs.5 a day in 2001 to become a Professional International Athlete, it wasn’t a cakewalk”


Mumbai (Maharashtra) : Siddhant Jaiswal is a former IBBF,IBBFF and currently a leading IFBB Men’s Physique Athlete, a Fitness Influencer, Fitness Trainer as well as an Entrepreneur. He started his professional bodybuilding journey in 2014 with a bang by winning the Overall Title of Navodit Mumbai Shree. Soon in 2015 he took part in the prestigious Arnold Classic Amateur and made place for himself in the Top 10 but it wasn’t a cakewalk for Jaiswal, who hails from Varanasi and resided in a rented 1 room kitchen with his parents and 2 sisters. 

Siddhant Jaiswal, at the age of 12 started working at a motorcycle repairing shop as a helper to support his working parents who could not meet ends even with both their earnings. He used to earn Rs. 5 a day there, which he continued to do for the next 2 years. He was not inclined towards studies but was very passionate for outdoor sports and fitness, hence in 2002 he started going to an “Akhada”, which developed his interest in Bodybuilding. At the age of 13, young Siddhant started to juggle between school, job and the Akhada. The meagre wages of Rs. 5 a day was not enough hence he managed a job at a local medical shop in Varanasi where he had to do cleaning and other minor works for which he was paid Rs. 800 a month. Soon he got promoted there as a stock upgrader because he knew how to operate computers and his salary increased to Rs. 1200 which made him realize that knowledge never goes in vain and also his knowledge of medicines increased day by day. After the increment in his salary he was able to afford gym membership and started going to gym where he met some professional bodybuilders which made him more passionate about bodybuilding. 

In the year 2008 along with an acquaintance he came to Mumbai with the hope of earning more and starting his career in Bodybuilding. At first, he struggled to even meet his ends, he didn’t have enough money to eat. He switched between various jobs to fill his stomach. While working as a sales executive in a company, he got a proper roof over his head, as the company provided him with a rented flat to stay. Jaiswal could not meet sales targets here and hence did not qualify to receive salary, so along with the sales executive job he started working as a watchman at a society in Malad. Getting to know of this the company told him to resign and also got the flat vacated. Soon after Siddhant got another job and slowly and gradually his salary increased and in the year 2011 he was earning Rs. 18,000 a month. Even with juggling between jobs and responsibility Siddhant never stopped working on his passion and managed to go to gym regularly. Soon he left the job and started selling supplements in the gyms so that he could pursue a course in Fitness because he knew by then that Knowledge is Power. He completed courses of Personal Trainer, Master Trainer and Sports Nutrition, after which he started giving coaching to professional athletes. 

In the year 2014 he participated in his first competition and won the overall title – Navodit Mumbai Shree, which increased his popularity as well as income. After this he took part in various competitions such as Mr. World – Men’s Physique in 2014, where he was amongst the Top 15 contestants. In the year 2015 he participated in Maharashtra Shree, where he was the Runner-up, then Mr. India (March), where he was in Top 5, Amateur Olympia Asia (Hongkong), where he secured a position in Top 10, Mr. India (December) where he won the Bronze Medal. 2016 started with him participating in the prestigious Arnold Classic, Asia where he was amongst the Top 10. In the year 2017 Siddhant Jaiswal won Mr. Maharashtra Overall Title, then secured 4th position in Mr. India and was also a part of the Top 15 in the Amateur Olympia. In the year 2018, he won Bronze Medal in the Sheru Classic International, then he again bagged bronze medal in Amateur Olympia 2019. 

Siddhant’s message for the young Bodybuilders is to be Honest. He said, “You need to be true to yourself and your profession. If bodybuilding is your chosen profession, then give it your 100 percent at every stage. You must workout properly, regularly and seriously. There is no shortcut and this sport cannot be aced in a year or two. You have to be patient and consistent towards your goal.”

Siddhant’s dream is to participate in Mr. Olympia and win it someday. He is constantly working to fulfil his dream. Along with working for his dream, he has set up a few businesses as well, to support his family. He had started a supplement sales company “First Choice Company” in the year 2012 which later got renamed to “Unstoppable Fitness Nutrition.” He also gives online and offline coaching under the name “Team Unstopablesidd”, which prepares both male and female athletes for professional Bodybuilding as well as helps fitness enthusiast to meet their fitness goals. He has over _ professional athletes and _ other people under his team. He also owns a gym named “Unstoppable Fitness Arena.” Siddhant added, “My journey has not been easy. I started from earning Rs. 5 a day to what I am today. I have failed, been through the worst, learned lessons and kept working towards my passion – Fitness. This is what brought me where I am today and I still have a long way to go, but I will never stop, there is no force in this world that can stop me from working for my dream because I am UNSTOPPABLE.”