Shivam Madaan’s Online Waale to be the next big digital PR agency

Shivam Madaan's Online Waale to be the next big digital PR agency

Online Waale – a digital PR agency that is growing at a rate faster than the marginal Indian startup growth rate. Founded by Shivam Madaan, a freelance journalist and PR specialist from Punjab, India, Online Waale is India’s busiest digital PR agency.

The quality of work, feedback of the clients, and several branding concepts, strategies, and PR campaigns, Online Waale is already one of the dominant players in the PR industry. The team aims to help the clients achieve their goals.

Formerly known as Digital Pitaraa, Shivam had laid its foundation in 2009. With over ten years of experience in journalism and digital PR, Shivam believes Online Waale will certainly be a major game-changer in the world of digital PR, not just in India, but across the world.

Online Waale offers over 500 digital media features including The Daily Beat, Hindustan Metro, Web Story India, all of which have been founded by Shivam himself. Other media features include Mid-day, Hindustan Times, APN News, Punjab Metro, Panjab Headlines, The India Saga, Deccan Herald, and many more national and international media.

The work and strategy of Online Waale is highly trusted by clients like Sarhad Kesari Hindi Newspaper in Punjab, RB Live Digital Media Network and many Digital Media Publications.

The coverage is guaranteed, and the content is top-notch that helps in SEO, Google rankings, Google news features. The turnaround time is also pretty quick, making sure that the clients do not have to wait for longer periods of time for their live coverage features.

Building a strong image in the market, a strong online presence, and enhancing credibility – these are the things every individual and brand needs in today’s scenario, and Online Waale provides just that. Reputation Management is also offered by them which is one of the most important things for any individual or brand to grow, especially in the digital world.

Fazilka, Punjab based Shivam Madaan is a game-changer in the digital PR industry. He is a Certified Digital Marketer from Facebook Journalism Project and Google. He is a popular web developer too and has helped many media houses go digital. He believes working for the client is more than just a job and I try my best to deliver more than expectations.” Shivam is also the co-founder of Fazilka Express which shares the latest updates about his city.

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