Ooka Radio Unleashes a Sonic Revolution for Music Promotion: Elevating Singers and Music at their biggest audience platform Across India


Ooka Radio, the unparalleled titan in the realm of music platforms, boasting a staggering 20 million captive audience, is setting the stage for a musical renaissance. With an unwavering commitment to promoting new talent, singers, and fresh music, Ooka Radio, one of the best In Store Music Management in India is bridging the gap between offline and online platforms, covering a colossal landscape that spans 556 cities and 27 states.

“Ooka Radio is not just a platform; it’s a cultural movement. It’s about discovering and celebrating the diverse musical talent that India has to offer.”

–Amit Chawla, CEO,Ooka Radio

Let’s step into a whimsical in door radio/ in store music utopia and hover to some of the key highlights. 

Know us Better

Ooka Radio, with its 20 million captive audience, is India’s largest music platform, on a mission to celebrate and elevate the nation’s diverse musical talent. With a unique blend of online and offline presence, Ooka Radio is not just a radio; it’s a cultural force shaping the musical narrative of India.

Massive Audience Reach

Ooka Radio stands tall as the largest music platform, reaching out to a colossal 20 million captivated listeners. This expansive reach ensures that new voices and melodies find a home in the hearts of music enthusiasts across India.

Pan-India Presence

From the bustling metros to the charm of tier 1 cities and the soulful essence of tier 4 towns, Ooka Radio has woven a musical tapestry that blankets 556 cities and 27 states. It is a platform that resonates with the heartbeat of the entire nation.

Online and Offline Synergy

Ooka Radio is not confined to the digital realm alone. The platform strategically integrates both online and offline spaces, creating a dynamic and immersive musical experience for its audience.

Versatile Platform

Serving as the best launchpad for new talent and fresh music, Ooka Radio provides a dynamic platform for artists to showcase their creativity. It is a melting pot of genres and styles, ensuring that every artist finds their unique space to shine.

Direct Audience Engagement

Ooka Radio isn’t just a distant sound; it is an immediate and intimate experience for listeners. The platform reaches directly to audiences through 10,000 outlets and stores, 50 malls, 300 gyms, 350 restaurants, 450 cafes, and even resonates within the compartments of 24 Shatabdi trains.

Easiest Way to Stardom

Ooka Radio presents the easiest and most expansive pathway for new talents and fresh music to gain popularity. Its vast network and captive audience provide an unprecedented opportunity for artists to make their mark on the music scene.


Ooka Radio, one of the Best Music for Stores, is not merely broadcasting music; it’s crafting an auditory revolution, creating a stage where new talents can shine and fresh melodies can echo across the nation. It stands as a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries, connect hearts, and foster a sense of unity in diversity.

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