Navigating Love: Inside Shadi’s Revolutionary Approach


Since 2023, Abdul Hassan Khan has been revolutionising the wed-tech terrain with his AI-powered matchmaking site— Shadi The platform offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, a personalised approach, and cultural sensitivity, catering to the specific needs of Muslim communities worldwide.

Bridging the Gap: A Brand Story

The vast Muslim matrimony market, encompassing over 1.8 billion individuals globally, often lacked a centralised platform built on shared values and religious beliefs. Having recognised this gap, the founder, Mr Hassan, turned his brainchild into a thriving reality.

Shadi was born to provide Muslim singles a secure and reliable space to find compatible life partners. The platform’s advanced AI algorithms surpass essential criteria like age and location. 

It delves into crucial factors like religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and personality traits, fostering meaningful connections with a high chance of long-lasting compatibility.

A One-Stop Wedding Solution

Besides being a bridge between two like-minded people, Shadi offers many facilities, solemnising their marriage with grace and comfort.

The brand is a one-stop solution for engaged couples by offering comprehensive wedding planning services tailored to Muslim traditions and customs. From connecting couples with trusted vendors and providing personalised checklists to facilitating seamless coordination, the match-making platform empowers teams to navigate the wedding planning process quickly and confidently.

Cultural Sensitivity at its Core

The significance of cultural and religious sensitivity is immense in a marriage. Shadi understands that and incorporates features like verified halal caterers, certified venues for gender-segregated events, and access to knowledgeable imams.

The platform ensures every aspect of the wedding adheres to Muslim traditions. Such meticulous arrangements and commitment to authenticity resonate deeply with the brand’s user base.

Building a Community on Trust

From its inception, Shadi prioritised building trust within the Muslim community. The founding team actively sought guidance from religious scholars and community leaders to guarantee their platform aligned with Islamic principles and cultural sensitivities. 

The brand’s rock-solid dedication to authenticity, coupled with user-friendly technology and a focus on fostering a supportive community, has led to organic growth and countless success stories of love and beautiful weddings.

Innovation and Continued Growth

Shadi is far from complacent. The platform is constantly innovating, adding features like virtual nikah ceremonies and vendor management tools to streamline the wedding planning process further. The company actively engages with members and community leaders to ensure it continues to evolve and meet the customer’s ever-changing needs.

The wed-tech platform Shadi functions on the belief that everyone deserves to find love and celebrate their special day in a way that reflects their values and traditions. Therefore, Mr Hassan and his team continue to work toward helping people find their ideal soulmate.