Mumbai’s Hosanna House Becomes the First School in India to Accept Bitcoin Cash for Tuition Fees

Mumbai’s Hosanna House Becomes the First School in India to Accept Bitcoin Cash for Tuition Fees

On April 16, Hosanna House Montessori School, a renowned children’s school located in Mumbai, announced it has become the first Montessori school in India to accept the peer-to-peer digital currency bitcoin cash. The decision to accept bitcoin cash was established by the owner of the school, Ms. Zasha Maria Mogul, and the Montessori’s Head Mistress Valerie Salway.

Digital currencies are making their way into the mainstream on a daily basis and this past week, a well-known children’s school in Mumbai, Hosanna House Montessori, announced its decision to accept bitcoin cash (BCH) for tuition fees. Bitcoin cash (BCH) is an electronic, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, that allows users to inexpensively transact in a decentralized fashion. Digital currencies like bitcoin cash have become very popular in India and just recently, the crypto exchange giant Coinbase started an initiative to grow the cryptocurrency and Web3 ecosystem in India.

Hosanna House Montessori is the first children’s school in India to accept a cryptocurrency for tuition payments by accepting bitcoin cash. The school prides itself on being a forward-thinking educational space that fosters innovation at a young age. The Hosanna House Montessori school’s mission statement is “To Teach the Truth, to Show the Way and to be the Light.” The benefits of decentralized, open-source cryptocurrencies are vast and the Montessori school in Mumbai is embracing the pioneer spirit by adopting BCH payments. 

Businessman and entrepreneur, Sunny Gehani, explained that the decision to accept bitcoin cash was made this weekend on April 16. The decision to adopt BCH was established by the children’s school owner, Ms. Zasha Maria Mogul, and Head Mistress Valerie Salway. Being the first children’s school to accept crypto in India is very much aligned with the Montessori school’s endeavors to “educate, nurture, train, foster and steer young minds in the right direction.”

Hosanna House Montessori follows the recent announcement from the Dubai-based Citizens School that announced its decision to accept bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) for tuition payments. Citizens School was the first in Dubai to offer parents the ability to pay for tuition in digital currency, and the school aims to start the crypto acceptance process in September. Additionally, the Montessori Schools in New York City also accept bitcoin for private daycare and school tuition fees. 

Bitcoin cash adoption has been growing at a fast rate and in India, the website shows there’s more than 100 merchants across the country that accept BCH for goods and services. Gehani detailed that any business can onboard in less than ten minutes without disclosing confidential information and there are zero transaction costs involved. Gehani further explained on Sunday that “any business who needs in India, in order to adopt bitcoin cash assistance and  get onboarded, they can email [email protected].”