Meet Mr. Chandresh Pandey and his life as a Fashion Influencer

Meet Mr. Chandresh Pandey and his life as a Fashion Influencer

Mumbai, Maharashtra: When Mr. Chandresh Pandeys’ attraction towards filmmaking started to grow more when he experienced the deeper knowledge of films in general he also realized the deeper meaning of styling and fashioning. The right fit of clothes and styles would attract a lot of people towards his projects and it gave him a sense of feeling what he perhaps wanted to do next. One doesn’t always have to wear expensive clothes when you put the simpler ones together they turn out to be the best indeed. When he studied more about this, things went to a different tangent. It showed him how people could show different versions of themselves on the basis of clothes. How one person could be 10 different person only if he would change the attire. During his filmmaking and projects, he would always want people to dress a certain way according to their character and this way even his viewers would understood the concept of his films. He did put all his efforts into this hoping to get a better result out of it which he eventually, with passing time, did.

When people started recognizing his work, they would send in their sponsorships and collaborations. Looking at their brand styles aroused a feeling in him what he wanted to do.  And he started collaborating with different brands, different types of brands that he never knew he could work with. While working with different brands he would put his idea into the perspective of what he had to do next. Which was starting his own clothing line someday. Different brand inspiration and his own ideas, his love towards fashion were the only things that made him do this today. And with the right idea in mind and his vision.  it struck him, it inspired him to go forward with his plan. Mr. Pandey has even decided on certain clothes and designs hoping to get them soon in the fashion industry.

There are several things to do as well, in this industry but as of now this is his dream and its his plan and he is putting his blood and sweat into everything he has decided on.

According to Mr. Pandey, he wants people to wear his clothes from his clothing line in ramp walks, in different fashion shows and that’s his straight-up goal.

There’s a lot of targets that has to be achieved and there’s nothing holding him back.