MD Sakib Hasan Munna | The Great Digital Marketer

MD Sakib Hasan Munna | The Great Digital Marketer

MD Sakib Hasan Munna was born in the city of Sylhet on March 14, 1997. MD Mashuk Mia is his father’s name, and Mst Shely Akter is his mother’s name. He and his five-member family are currently residing in Sylhet city. MD Sakib Hasan Munna began his FREELANCING career in the year 2019.

MD Sakib Hasan Munna has a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing and he is currently working as a Digital Marketer. He is an active member of Bangladesh National Party (B.N.P). He has a great interest in technology, marketing, business & politics. He has organized several seminars and workshops to promote entrepreneurship and business development in his local community. He is also a motivational speaker and a mentor to many young entrepreneurs.

MD Sakib Hasan Munna’s career has been very successful so far, and he is currently working on various projects that are aimed at uplifting the local community. He firmly believes in giving back to the community and is actively involved in various activities that are aimed at helping the poor and marginalized section of society. He is a true inspiration for the youth of his region and is an example of a successful entrepreneur and digital marketing professional.

MD Sakib Hasan Munna is a Lifetime enlisted Song Promoter and Official Verified Digital marketer.

His works got a wide range of Media Coverage including newspapers, and TV channels across home & abroad.