Marriott India Commemorates World Environment Day with Successful Launch of “Two Trees per Room” Initiative Across 150 Hotels

Marriott India Commemorates World Environment Day with Successful Launch of “Two Trees per Room” Initiative Across 150 Hotels

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], 18th June 2024: Marriott India proudly celebrated World Environment Day 2024 by launching the innovative “Two Trees per Room: Embracing Nature’s Bloom” initiative. This program, which underscores Marriott India’s dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship, saw enthusiastic participation from its 150 hotels across the country.

On June 5, 2024, Marriott India successfully kicked off the “Two Trees per Room” initiative, planting thousands of trees nationwide. Each participating hotel committed to planting two trees for every room in its inventory, significantly contributing to biodiversity conservation and environmental restoration. This initiative aligns perfectly with this year’s World Environment Day theme, emphasizing the importance of restoring and preserving natural habitats.

Marriott India’s collaboration with reputable reforestation organizations ensured the trees were planted in areas where they could have the most substantial impact. The initiative not only helps restore ecosystems and combat climate change but also supports local communities by providing greener environments and enhancing biodiversity.

Reflecting on the initiative’s success, Sanjay Gupta, Chairman of the Marriott India Business Council, stated, “We believe that sustainability should be at the forefront of hospitality, and ‘Two Trees per Room’ is a testament to our dedication to environmental responsibility. Through this initiative, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of our planet for generations to come.”

A shining example of the initiative’s impact is Courtyard by Marriott Mahabaleshwar. Nestled in the lush Sahyadri hills, the hotel, renowned for its rich flora and fauna, added 176 saplings around its property as part of the initiative. This effort significantly enhanced the hotel’s green surroundings and reinforced its commitment to environmental conservation.

Beyond this initiative, Marriott India remains dedicated to sustainability through various innovative practices, including energy-efficient operations and waste reduction programs. Marriott India continues to set new standards in sustainable hospitality, demonstrating leadership and responsibility in every aspect of its operations.