Keshava Rajanna B. and his family are challenging societal norms and achieving remarkable feats in Yelahanka

Keshava Rajanna B. and his family are challenging societal norms and achieving remarkable feats in Yelahanka

Keshava Rajanna B., from Yelahanka, has been spearheading a noble initiative along with his family to champion women’s health by distributing eco-friendly sanitary pads that can be utilized for up to two years, thereby shattering conventional taboos and paving the way for progressive milestones.

Keshava Rajanna B., a resident of Yelahanka, is leading a vital effort to safeguard women’s health by distributing reusable sanitary pads that can last up to two years and raising awareness among women. Additionally, sarees are also distributed as part of this noble initiative to promote dignity and confidence among women. Despite India’s undeniable progress in various domains, there are still areas where improvement is direly needed. One such issue is the lack of adequate healthcare provisions for women. Keshava Rajanna B.’s endeavors to offer long-lasting reusable sanitary pads are aimed at tackling this problem and creating greater awareness among women.

In India, an alarming 88% of women do not have access to sanitary products during their menstrual cycle, leading to millions of girls dropping out of school due to a lack of menstrual hygiene management. Shockingly, 71% of adolescent girls in the country are not aware of menstrual cycles until they experience their first period. Out of the 355 million women who menstruate, only 46.2 million use sanitary pads, while the rest use cloth and suffer from various illnesses and, in some cases, fatalities.  The Menstrual Hygiene Management national family health survey conducted in 2015-16 reveals that 71.4% of women in rural areas (aged 15-24 years) use cloth as a menstrual aid, with 33.6% and 14.8% using sanitary napkins and locally prepared napkins, respectively. Unfortunately, these issues persist due to societal stigmas that inhibit open discussions.

Keshava Rajanna B. and his family are making strides towards improving humanity through their Arna Seva Trust. They are distributing hygienic and environment-friendly sanitary napkins that are reusable for up to 2 years to women in rural areas, as well as helping those who move to the city. Not only do these eco-friendly and hygienic pads promote sustainable practices, but they also prove to be cost-effective in the long run, as they reduce the financial burden on menstruating women and their families, who would otherwise have to repeatedly purchase disposable sanitary products. This effort towards improving menstrual hygiene management is a significant step forward in achieving gender parity and empowering women. Keshava Rajanna. B, and his family members, including Shrimati Pushpa Keshava and Khushi Keshava, have resolved many problems faced by women. Their efforts have been particularly helpful in situations where some women cannot afford to move to the city, while others face difficulties even if they do. Numerous women have benefited from the distribution of sanitary pads by the Keshava family in the Yelahanka Vidhan Sabha constituency.

In times of difficulties faced by the people of Yalahanka, Keshava Rajanna B. works tirelessly to alleviate their sufferings, providing relief with lightning speed. During the difficult times of COVID-19, the people of Yelahanka who were struggling have been uplifted by providing daily necessities such as vegetables, milk, curd, and medical assistance, demonstrating humane leadership. In the government schools of Yelahanka, they are helping the children who are studying by providing bags, books, pens, pencils, and other items for their education. They are also conducting eye check-ups and providing eyeglasses; conducting blood sugar and blood pressure tests, and distributing uniforms to auto drivers. Keshava Rajanna B. is always close to the hearts of the people of Yelahanka through these types of public services. Through these public services, Keshava Rajanna B. has endeared himself to the people of Yelahanka, never failing to relieve the poor’s suffering.

Keshava Rajanna B. enjoys immense admiration from the people of Yelahanka, who deeply respect his pure and selfless service attitude. With a simple personality and innovative ideas, he has become a role model for the youth of Yelahanka. If there were more leaders like him, society would surely progress even further. In general, it can be said that Yelahanka’s people are fortunate to have Keshava Rajanna B. We hope to see even more community-oriented initiatives from him.

To support the movement & Keshav Rajana give a call at 95-0466-0466.


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