Five key reasons why you should invest in gated community real estate

Five key reasons why you should invest in gated community real estate

The demand for gated community plots or apartments has grown exponentially compared to regular apartments. To cater to this demand, many prominent developers in the metro cities are coming up with good concept plots and apartments with 10 to 20 amenities inside the community. 

Though the extra amenities the developers provide shoot up the price per sqft of the plot, there are many good reasons why you can pay the premium for gated communities.

Chennai is the best place for a second home in India. Prominent developers are launching many gated community plots in Chennai specifically many plots in Kelambakkam and Thalambur.

Here are the five key reasons you should invest in gated community real estate.

1. Security

Gated communities provide security with 24* 7 surveillance. Having a guard at the gate and monitoring the outsiders’ movement in your living community gives you a sense of security. You will feel safe inside. 

2. Amenities

Of Course, the primary reason to choose gated communities is for amenities. Nowadays, you can’t imagine your children playing in the street with their friends because of the lack of space and security. But inside the gated community apartments, you can feel safe when they play with friends. Many gated communities offer at least 5+ sports options like Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Children’s play area and a multipurpose hall for indoor games.

For adults, an Indoor gym, walking tracks and meditation area keep them healthy and mindful.

3. Convenience

You get everything inside. Though the grocery and food delivery apps make it convenient for everyone to bring the items to the doorstep, having a supermarket inside the gate makes it super easy for daily shopping at no extra delivery cost.

Nowadays, finding a carpenter or plumber for any minor maintenance is challenging, but this issue is sorted out in gated communities. You will find a maintenance team inside, which makes your day tension free.

4. High ROI

Though gated communities are costlier than regular properties, buying such properties proves to be a profitable investment. People nowadays don’t want just homes; they want a lifestyle.

5. Community Living

Gated community apartments promote a sense of community living. People from different walks of life meeting and greeting in the common area and celebrating festivals together creates a bond of friendliness.