Tortue: Nurturing Young Minds Through Playful Learning


Majestic Games Labs Private Limited proudly introduces Tortue, a rising star in the world of toys and games. This innovative brand is dedicated to crafting enjoyable and educational experiences for children aged 0-12, sparking their creativity and imagination through original intellectual property (IP) games and toys.

Success and Recognition:

Tortue’s journey has been paved with success, exemplified by its bestselling product, Forest Run. This captivating board game has garnered international acclaim, selling over 25,000 units in the USA and UAE markets. This impressive achievement speaks volumes about the brand’s ability to resonate with young minds and parents alike.

Furthermore, Tortue has earned the endorsement of numerous websites, which have lauded their offerings as “must-buy” items. This recognition is a testament to the quality and appeal of their toys and games, solidifying their position in the market.

Nurturing Young Minds:

The company aims to amuse children, ignite their curiosity, and broaden their horizons, using play as a springboard for learning and growth. 

Expanding the Playful Universe:

The brand is poised for significant expansion, with ambitious plans to introduce 100 new products within the following year. This diverse range will cater to various age groups (0-12), offering a kaleidoscope of styles, themes, and formats to keep young minds engaged and inspired.

This expansion underscores Tortue’s dedication to continuous innovation and its commitment to providing a rich and diverse play experience for every child.

A Brighter Future Through Playful Learning

Tortue believes joyful children lead to a brighter world, and their products are designed to cultivate that joy through meaningful play experiences. 

So, join Tortue on its journey and witness the magic unfold as children explore, learn, and grow through the power of play.