‘Too Too’ Discount Ki Limit Nahi, Online Grocery Shopping Platform


In the landscape of online grocery markets, where established brands dominate, a new entity named TooToo has entered the arena, aiming to exploit the substantial opportunities within this domain.

Headquartered in Jaipur, TooToo is the innovation of Shivain Verma, a recent graduate from the University of Southern California, USA. Verma identified a growing demand for online grocery services, prompting the initiation of this enterprise in the rapidly expanding market.

TooToo officially commenced its operations in Jaipur in August 2022. Verma elucidates, “In the current digital era, the majority of the Indian populace is adopting e-commerce for their daily necessities. The convenience afforded by online grocery shopping has led to a significant upsurge in this sector.”

“With the burgeoning trend in mind, TooToo has been launched to address the evolving requirements of consumers,” Verma further explains. “Our application, designed for user accessibility, enables customers to explore and purchase a wide array of products, including groceries, personal hygiene items, and household essentials, all priced competitively. Our delivery system ensures order fulfillment within a four-hour window, ensuring maximum convenience for the end user.”

Verma emphasizes that TooToo provides a comprehensive selection of over 5,000 products, sourced from both local vendors and national brands. Additionally, the platform incorporates a social commerce feature, allowing customers to earn rewards, thereby enhancing the overall shopping experience.

To date, TooToo has achieved the significant milestone of over 100,000 application downloads. Verma attributes this success to the company’s steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, which has resulted in an increasing number of repeat orders on a weekly basis.

Looking to the future, TooToo has ambitious expansion plans, intending to extend its services to additional cities across India, beginning with the major urban centers in Jaipur. Despite the rapid growth trajectory, the enterprise remains self-funded, with strategic plans to seek investment opportunities subsequent to solidifying its customer base and establishing a strong market presence.