The taboo, Men talks on menstruation

The taboo, Men talks on menstruation

To remove the taboo, Lyvefresh Ananda a social initiative started by Jigar Parekh, Chairman and Nikita Gala Parekh, Training Director launches an ad campaign #MenTalksOnMenstruation across the social media.

We have always seen that there a Bollywood heroes who make films on any kind of social issues or taboo’s in India society. There are various movies made on menstruation or several other issues related to female where the hero being a male is been showcased as a person to take an initiative to solve the issue and also to remove the taboo in case if any across the society for the same issue. But when it comes to real life, still men are having limitation even to talk about the any kind of issues related to women.

Today, across India while we go to see any movie in theatres, we see an ad film just before the movie starts featuring a famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who is advising a common man by saying, avoid smoking and utilise that money for buying a sanitary pad for wife and support her. This message also clearly shows that in rural India the buying power is usually with male member in house who actually need to support women in family during their menstrual days rather just running away from even discussing about the menstrual talks.

It is been the need of an hour in India that men should be educated about menstrual issues of women and also the solution of the issues through eco-friendly ways. Once men across the country would start to talk about it in their own house with their wife, sister, daughters we would solve more than 50% of the issues faced by women during menstrual days. Even in urban areas where men believes that they carry a social status symbol but its not, as in day to day life every decision in the family regarding shopping, education, holiday, etc. are approved by men but even after being highly educated, still they feel shy on talking about menstruation.

We at Lyvefresh ANANDA have taken a step ahead to promote menstrual hygiene by creating free workshops dedicated for men rather focusing on women only. We aim to organize these workshops in urban and rural India to create a support for every women or girl in India and have better lifestyle.

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