The Diva of social media: Sakshi Kapoor, @glitfashh

The Diva of social media: Sakshi Kapoor @glitfashh
Sakshi Kapoor

If you’re looking for a trendy page to follow on Instagram, you’re at the right place. Let us introduce you to Sakshi Kapoor, a well-known name in the industry of influencers. Her page is a perfect blend of fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, and entertainment. Having traveled to many states, new cities, and countries, she has collaborated with splendid brands. Simply by following her, you can keep up with new fashion trends, explore the unexplored, and get unbiased opinions, which basically will make your day better.


The brand ambassador of GIRLEY LABEL, a fashion inspiration with ATHENA, Sakshi Kapoor, is all set to lead the industry. She’s collaborated with over 200 local, national, and international brands, including big names like Nykaa, ITC, Zara, Tattva, Pogo, and Mama Earth, and many more projects are awaiting. As a strong supporter of small businesses, the page Glitfashh is used as a platform to promote them. Sakshi believes in giving back to society and stands by her words through her actions.

Journey Overview :

In 2016, the idea of being a digital creator was introduced to her, and ever since then, she’s been unstoppable. Making quality content and doing justice to the brands has been her sole purpose. Having a hold on fashion and an immense passion for travel, Sakshi never seems to be tired of another trip. This has helped her gain popularity on Instagram, where she has a banging following of 98K, and there seems to be no limit to her ambition.

Passion for fashion:

Sakshi has an inborn gift of creativity. Her creativity is evident in her fashion sense. She can rock any outfit, regardless of whether it is traditional or western. Her style was recognized nationwide when she was appointed as a judge for Junior Miss India- India’s biggest kids pageant.

Travel stories :

Never say no to any given opportunity. Be it exploring new places or relaxing in luxury hotels. This enables the mother-son duo to travel the world together. They have been to places like Dubai, Thailand, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Nainital, Bhimtal, Jaipur, Mussorie, Vrindavan, Punjab, Amritsar, Jammu, Rushikesh and Delhi NCR.The main attraction of this page is the pictures that depict the essence of the destination. “The world is endless, and so are our opportunities to travel around,” says Sakshi, and Revansh agrees.

In conclusion, Sakshi Kapoor, the face behind many top brands and an influencer, has carved a niche for herself in the industry. With her impeccable taste and passion for travel, fashion, and food, she has established a solid reputation. Her ability to connect with her audience and offer valuable content is the secret to her success. You can find her on Instagram at @glitfashh


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