The Art Of Self Learning

The Art Of Self Learning
Vineet Solanki

“When you start creating, you start learning,” says Vineet Solanki, a Delhi-based self-made super artist.
Have you seen the films Bahubali or Avengers? You have, of course. What do they have in common, I wonder?

The Visual Effects, or VFX as it is famously known, which can turn a reel into reality.

Vineet Solanki aka Vinevfx, is a well-known name in the field of Vfx and content creation.

The name VINE of Vinevfx derives from the creator’s first name, Vineet, and the later part VFX comes from the work he does.

It all started in college when Vineet was working on a group assignment and the person in charge of video editing became preoccupied with something else. Sensing the situation, Vineet sat down and learned the fundamentals of video editing and related topics overnight, then applied it in the assignment, which turned out very well.

He also has an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication.

The most amazing and surprising aspect of Vineet’s story is that he arrived and grew to this level without paying anyone a dime. To put it another way,”This is all self-learnt.”

The best way to learn is to create. Vinevfx followed the same principle throughout the journey and continues to do so. Vinevfx believes that if one does not begin creating, one can never begin learning because it is all practical, in which theory is of little or no use.

“Self-learning can make you touch so many things, so Keep creating!” Says Vineet.

Vinevfx is currently into Advertisements  (Ad Making) and Content Creation. Simultaneously working with well-known Celebrities, brands, Production Houses and is doing well.

In the end, what matters is satisfaction and Vineet has plenty of it for the work he does.

He has always preached and practiced ‘don’t look at the numbers of followers on your Social Media’, a very good thought that he always shares is, “Everyone wants to earn, but, who said that you can only earn when you reach One Million? If you have the right skills you can earn even now.”

Vinevfx ensures that the detailing is done appropriately and that the output is pleasant and appealing while working on projects. Everyone uses the same software and tools, but it’s all about execution and ideation, because applying effects is simple, but how one uses them is what matters so all it takes is skills.

Vineet has always strived to learn things by accepting assignments that he has never tried before and are new to him as well, this way he gains more knowledge and enjoys it. He received two creator awards by Zach King. Vineet got a chance to get featured in his videos too. He’s also interested in utilizing social media for ongoing improvement and inspiration.

When asked what he would have been if he hadn’t been a VFX artist, he responds without hesitation, “During my freshman year of college, I was interested in radio. I would have been in the Content Creation field only, but as an RJ!”

Vinevfx has always received support and overwhelming responses from his followers and audience, which is his continuous motivation.

One thing that he learned was not being stressed about the outcome but instead giving the best, It’s imperative to have talent, hard work and skills to reach your goal, rest all comes your way with blessings, money etc.

He is a firm believer; to put it another way, “Begin creating right away. Make something out of what you’re learning right now. Don’t get caught up in the numbers instead, Focus on yourself and your skills.”

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