Taxi Rides without Paying Single Penny

Taxi Rides without Paying Single Penny

New Delhi: World renowned wrestler Mr. Sangram Singh has aligned his name next to a great initiative taken by Mr. Murtaza Ali (Founder & CEO Apna Bhada) This initiative is a taxi service called Apna Bhada in which people can hire a taxi for free of cost. This service has started in Goa, Delhi NCR and Banglore for the time being but will soon expand for other cities as well. Mr. Murtaza Ali has a goal of providing this service in all over India.

Apna Bhada can be a Revolution in Taxi Service and in public transportation, the moment which is why there are a limited number of taxis available but through their business agendas and plans they will soon have more taxis to their name. They are not making any revenue through the customers but will be making it through advertisements. Their plan is to provide advertisements at a low cost and make their revenue through that.

This initiative officially began on April 23, 2021 in Goa where they successfully provided services for about a year which proved that they can easily expand in other cities as well. Later on during April, 22 Apna Bhada was introduced in Delhi as well. Not just now but their taxis were on the streets during pandemic as well. They helped several people for covid relief, In those days when getting Taxis or Transportation was very tough Apna Bhada came Forwarded and they provided free Taxi to the people who were in need.

Murtaza Ali has a huge experience in the mobility industry and he has a very sharp vision of the future market of mobility he said we can make transportation free if we put little effort, The present scenario where fuel price getting hikes continuously we need to think over it that how can we provide affordable transportation to common people. After doing several years of Research & analysis APNA BHADA business plan got created in a hope of that common people can enjoy free taxi rides instead of paying a huge amount.

According to Murtaza Ali he faced many troubles and challenges to launch this service but he never loses hope and kept working to continue on his mission to provide free Taxi service for the common people. Free Transportation is now no more a dream you can try Apna Bhada services and see the dream come true.

According to Driver’s who has joined Apna Bhada has Driver Partner they found it very reliable and stable source of income, Not ever they are happy with the pay scales infect they liking the concept.

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