Take the next step in your career with the product management courses in India: Top 5 institutes

Top 5 institutes in India which offer excellent Product Management Courses
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In this Post-Covid era, businesses and professionals are disrupting themselves and learning new skills to move ahead towards growth. One such area is product management, now-a-days learning is has become a never-ending process, which is why product management certifications and courses are important to improves ourselves. Technology and best practices are constantly advancing and it is important that those who are in the field stay up to date. Below are a few institutions in India which offer excellent Product Management Courses.

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Management Academy has been set up with an objective to advance the professional journey of management professionals by upskilling them with key skills. These skills are imparted through action-oriented learning solutions that are carefully handcrafted by subject matter experts with extensive industry experience.

Their Certified Project Management Professional Course is exhaustive and this Product Management Professional Course Certification is proof that professionals have taken a big leap in mastering the domain. The practical knowledge and actionable skill set gained by working on projects, simulations, case studies will set the working professionals ahead of the competition.


With the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem exploding, upGrad is at an exciting juncture in the business and economic history of India. Today, they are creating products to solve most of life’s problems. As more products are being launched everyday, there is an increased demand for qualified well-rounded product managers in the market.

This Product Management Certification Program by Duke Corporate Education and upGrad strives to fill this supply-demand gap in the product ecosystem by providing professional training and mentoring to aspiring as well as existing product managers. Our program is specifically designed for professionals to help them successfully transition and grow in their product management career.

Great Learning

Great Learning along with The Great Lakes faculty and leaders have designed the curriculum of this Product Management and Analytics program. The Post Graduate Program in Product Management and Analytics enables learners to innovate and design products from concept to launch and beyond, by connecting technical, design, and business worlds. Learners will build a foundation in Product Management and Data Analytics with rigorous analytical approaches to develop, launch and manage products.

At the end of the course, you will become a 360-degree product manager, who can visualise and solve complex analytical problems, innovate and create delightful digital products and experiences through design strategies to manage products successfully


The Product Owner/ Product Manager training covers a range of processes, mechanics, and tools utilized to manage programs and address backlogs. It will help you become an integral part of the product development process—and, an expert capable of furthering business objectives through Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFe).

Jigsaw Academy

The Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management by Jigsaw Academy is India’s first Product Management training program that offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to aspiring Product Managers, Product owners & future CEOs to learn through a holistic approach to Product Management. The curriculum design & delivery follow the 5i Framework, making it one of the best Product Management courses.

With the BYOP (Bring Your Own Product) feature, learners get to focus on the objectives & functions of Production Management (PM), roles & responsibilities of a Product Manager, skills required to excel in the domain, etc. This online program is supported by post-class exercises, Harvard Business Review case studies, & practical application on the BYOP idea.


All these courses help students to learn and apply skills that are required in a tough situation in the professional field. The tactical skills and necessary strategies will help the professionals a lot when they are working in the professional field. Throughout these courses, professionals will get every required training which will help them build up their knowledge.


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