“Real Estate: One of the Major Booming Industries in 2022”, said Sachin Arora

Real Estate: One of the Major Booming Industries in 2022 said Sachin Arora
Sachin Arora, Investors Clinic

Real Estate industry is one of the most booming industries globally. In India after the agricultural industry, the most career or employment generating industry is real estate, which is also feeding 200+ supporting industries. It has been expected that there would be a vast escalation of NRI buyers in both aspects of short term and long term investment. Bengaluru being the most developed destination for investors, it’s quite predictable that Delhi, Noida, Pune, Ahmedabad will be followed up in the list.

According to Sachin Arora, one of the Directors at Investors Clinic, the major role played in the real estate market of Noida arose is fairly credited to the Development of Noida International Airport. (NIA)

Indian real estate industry has been an eye witness to the market growth in recent times, even during the demonetization till the covid pandemic became vivid.

As per a research it has been found that there is a huge rise in residential demand as well as the personal office spaces after work from home became a necessity and co working needs to experience a shift towards it. Even though when the covid slowed down, a lot more organizations did not switch back to work from office and still work from home trend is on its peak with them.

A prediction made by the ICRA estimation states that there would be a raise to 48 billion Dollars through investors market which is  29 billion Dollars as of now.

Not only the adaptability and natural calamities, the government themselves have been a biggest support to the real estate developments and its finances.

Governments of India along with several state governments have taken certain measures and initiatives to nurture its growth.  The smart city initiative is among those huge opportunities for real estate developers who gave a push to real estate market development. Not only this the RBI announced to keep the interest rate unchanged for home loans which was a major attraction to housing buyers and drive an increment to its demand during festive seasons of 2021.

Sachin Arora also agreed to the fact that by the constant and transparent returns, there is a rush toward the commercial sector of real estate. 

It has been proved when India registered investments worth  2.4 billion USDollar as real estate assets in the first half of 2021-22.

Demand for housing and residential is on peak due to increasing urbanization and rising average household income. Sachin Arora stated,” The year 2022 will bring a huge boost in the real estate market of Noida.’