Priyanka Sharma-the girl with perfect tastebuds!

Priyanka Sharma-the girl with perfect tastebuds!
Priyanka Sharma

Started her blogging in the beginning of 2016 in the name of SadiGaddi, with the idea to share her personal experiences. Now in 2022, rated among the top food blogger in India who loves to make videos about restaurant/food reviews. Priyanka’s love for discovering new places to eat and talking about the latest events in the city has enthralled many food lovers and travel junkies in the city. An avid food lover and connoisseurs she is dedicated to tell you about the best places to eat. Having to grow up in a financially struggling household, she was always determined to start something of her own which she would genuinely enjoy. Moreover, she wanted to help her parents and support the idea of independent girl. People call her lucky after seeing her growth, but they tend to forget the struggles and hard work which she went throughout the journey. There were times when she was laid down and being mocked, but each time she stood stronger. She’s a modern day woman with strong mindset and determination to be on top making her own timelines, unapologetically. We see her fan club growing each day with a whopping following of 1 .5 Million + on Facebook, 1.26 Million + subscribers on YouTube and 160k followers on Instagram.

Damn, there is something about the content she makes! She has extremely honest and real views on her food vlogs that excites her fans. Focused on restaurant and street-food videos, because what is India without its authentic flavors served on street. Her suggestions are taken seriously by the followers and after visiting the palaces, they are truly grateful. Many small businesses are blown because of her initiative, which indeed they are thankful to her. By this, Priyanka serves her purpose of service to the society. People started noticing these small business owners and started reaching out to them because of the mouth-watering food, here all credit goes to Priyanka! Out of her many achievements, her major ones are having collaborated with top-notch brands like Balaji waffers, worked with The Fern Resorts, Urban Dictionary, Cashkaro, Oyo, Ufresh Milk Brand, Two slices of Gujrat, Gopaisa, Worldstreet by Omaxe, Haldiram and much more awaited.

Rishabh Sharma is the second partner of the page, who handle everything behind the screen. He is typically the man behind the camera who also has contributed enough. Food Blogging is a business where we see a lot of men, especially in India but Priyanka breaks the stereotypes and is thriving in her work. There were many challenges faced by her off-camara, but she knows to tackle them smoothly. We need more role models like Priyanka Sharma, to help young girls know that they can achieve whatever they desire. Priyanka is a must follow for all you food lovers, because where else do we find better recommendations?

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