Prasinos Tech Unveils SwanCav – A Sustainable Solution for Clean Water Bodies


Prasinos Tech Innovations Pvt. Ltd., a clean-tech startup founded in 2022, is committed to developing innovative solutions for preserving India’s water resources. Led by Dr. Aditi Mullick, a chemical engineer with expertise in sustainable water treatment and cavitation technology, and Dr Anupam Mukherjee, a specialist in translational research and process development, the company bridges the gap between scientific advancements and practical applications.

The Challenge: Protecting Water Resources from Harmful Algal Blooms

Water bodies face a multitude of threats, including:

  • Eutrophication: Excessive nutrient levels leading to uncontrolled algae growth.
  • Algal Blooms: Dense algae formations that deplete oxygen and harm aquatic life.
  • Chemical Dependence: Traditional methods often use harmful chemicals with long-term environmental consequences.

Introducing SwanCav: A Green Revolution in Water Management

Prasinos Tech presents SwanCav, a low-power ultrasound-based floating device designed to combat algal blooms and maintain water quality. This eco-friendly solution utilises low-power ultrasonic waves for silent operation to control algal growth and prevent harmful algal bloom formation, eliminating the need for disruptive chemicals and minimising maintenance requirements.

SwanCav’s Success Story: A Case Study from Pimpri Chinchwad

A recent field trial in Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra, showcased SwanCav’s effectiveness. The Chikhali Sewage Treatment Plant, a vital component of the city’s water management system, faced recurring challenges with algal blooms in its post-treatment storage pond. These blooms detracted from the pond’s aesthetics and threatened aquatic life by depleting oxygen levels and introducing foul odours.

Following the installation of SwanCav, remarkable improvements were observed within a week. After a month, the results were even more impressive:

  • Over 90% reduction in existing algae and complete elimination of future blooms
  • Dissolved oxygen levels increased significantly from 1.5 mg/L to 5 mg/L
  • Reduced Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) to below 5 mg/L
  • Improved water clarity
  • Elimination of foul odors
  • Healthier aquatic environment

SwanCav: A Multifaceted Advantage

  • Eco-friendly: Eliminates algae growth without harmful chemicals.
  • Ultrasound technology: Uses low-power ultrasonic waves to suppress algal growth
  • Solar-powered: Silent operation with minimal environmental impact.
  • Remotely operated: Offers convenient monitoring and control.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: Reduces operational costs.
  • Proven technology: Creates a healthy environment for aquatic life.

SwanCav: A Hope for Clean Water

Prasinos Tech Innovations’ SwanCav offers a sustainable and effective solution for maintaining clean water bodies. Promoting healthy aquatic ecosystems, SwanCav paves the way for a greener future.

SwanCav represents a significant advancement in water management, offering a sustainable and effective solution for cleaner water bodies worldwide.

About Prasinos Tech Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Prasinos Tech is a Hyderabad-based clean-tech startup dedicated to developing innovative and commercially viable water treatment and environmental protection solutions. The company’s team of experienced professionals leverages its expertise to bridge the gap between scientific breakthroughs and real-world applications, promoting a greener future for India’s water resources.