It takes ages for many people to achieve something, but there is one name Mohit Arora, who has written his name in golden letters in the field of Fashion Shows. 

He is one of the leading fashion show organisers and is the Founder of 360 advertising production. 

A show that left people a joint dropping experience and happened at a very large scale with more than 800 participants from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari and from almost every state of the country. 

Mohit Arora himself travelled by his car with his team for Auditions. 

“The true talent is recognised in the show, thanks to Mohit Arora, who put his efforts in organising such events. The hoarding of the show can be seen everywhere, the marketing and promotions were no less in recognising the true worth of the people. The cash prizes, trophies and many more goodies were awarded to the participants by sponsors.”

There were more than 100 Bollywood celebrities like Kainaat Arora, Prince Narula, Sudhanshu Pandey, Thakur Anoop Singh, and media houses were also present on the occasion. 

Our Show was Sponsored by Stylox. Stylox is India’s famous youth Brand with 300 plus stores across India. India is choosing Stylox for its stylish and comfortable clothing.

Uk international beauty school was our official makeup team who played a very important role in our show. They have worked with more than 5000 customers and 100 plus professionals. They have their roots in 5 countries and have trained more than 3,500 plus students. 

Rosa Herbal Care was our Gifting Partner; ‘Rosa Herbalcare’ products are based on the authentic Ayurveda and Herbal recipes, taken from the ancient and original Veda texts, passed down from generation to generation. 

Rosa Herbal Care is a cosmetic brand based on the natural remedies available in the 5000 years old Ayurveda to protect the skin and consistent beauty of the skin.

Words are not enough for thanking Mohit Arora, who just not organised it but also made this a successful and amazing event.

In the end, a few names need to be recognised because, without them, this show could not be completed successfully. They are sunny Singh (90 Bhai), Shubash Jindal From Prima Care, Anil Mittal From Satmola, Rao Charan Singh Narang From Rosa Herbal Care Vishal Mehra & Ritika Mehra From Stylox Jeans, Rajan Jhanji Supporting Pattern From Prymus, Ayesha Verma, Yogesh Lakhani From CMD Of Bright Outdoor Media, News City, NextGen and Deepak Tanwar and all the Makeup artists, Team Members, cameraman photographers, designers and every individual, who directly or indirectly were the part of this Amazing Show.

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