Minnesota star kid, That’s So Mariana’s “Beach Besties” is again among the crowd but this time on a different platform

Minnesota star kid That’s So Mariana’s “Beach Besties” is again among the crowd but this time on a different platform

Have we heard kids following dedication and consistency in a mere tender age? We may have, but the number remains few. The age of innocence is just for their fun games. But there are a few who have made use every bit of their age to attract the people around with their astonishing talents, of course with their parents’s help. They have obvious success in it too.

Remember the kid, ‘the Shining Star’ from Minnesota? Yes, the gem is none other than Mariana who is widely known as ‘That’s So Mariana’. Her music video of 2021 is back again with a new surprise to all her fans and followers. Let’s check out!

That’s So Mariana’s Afro Beat hit of 2021, “Beach Besties” has recently got placed with a Louie Vuitton Ad. They chose the instrumental of her hit video which got placed on several online ads showcasing multiple celebrities to include but not limited to Jaden Smith, Ava Duvernay, Jurnee Smollet and more. Louie Vuitton is the French luxury fashion house which is the world’s leading international fashion houses.

Mariana is never shy of coming across and connecting with high end brands or celebrities by any means. This achievement is just another trophy for the soon to be 10 year old prodigy. The “Beach Besties” singer has already gained love and popularity for her previous works with Tiffany Haddish, Travis Scott, Amber Mark, Lil Nas X and Rosalia if we are to mention some.

She has since recorded more Afro Beat vibes as it is a benchmark for her Liberian roots. Mariana is no stranger when it comes to her roots, the reason being so obvious for the gem to tap into her culture. Well guys, just stay tuned for her next timeless vibe to release soon.

Mariana is signed with both, RSA talent agency and MTA Kids agency. Both the agencies are based out of Los Angeles, California. Since then, she has teamed up with a few sync license agencies that have got her music placed with several productions around the country. With her song release nearing almost a year, it has never shown to slow down or halt in its streaming. Rather, it still appears to be gaining a lot of momentum and traffic on the streaming platforms.

The kid has expressed her desires to her parents and some of her friends in the celebrity circle. She intends to keep her spirits high and build her enthusiasm with her talents in singing, writing, dancing and acting. She simply adds that music and entertainment is all that she lives and enjoys it to the optimum. The artistic feel makes her alive especially in an unpredictable world.

Do follow the star angel, Mariana on her Instagram and pour your genuine love to her. Also keep supporting her in her upcoming journey in the art world. Her Instagram profile is @thatssomariana


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