Meet Mathew Ambrose, CEO of ClickFactory Photography: Adventurous Evolution to Global Acclaim


Photography Is An Artistic Journey & I’m An Ardent Explorer.

My photography journey was more like an adventure. I fell in love with photography as a child growing up and learning from all sources available, especially from lifestyle & colourful weddings.

A strong & unflinching desire & exploration made my photography journey so beautiful & realistic! Yes. Let me tell you how I climbed up the ladder. It started by capturing the beauty of life. I was a guy who was reckless, and adventurous, and started capturing the elements, people and nature that caught my eye. However, it all flipped the other way, when I became a visual communication graduate, I learnt that beautiful photos come from one’s uniqueness and love for the shot.

Years rolled on. I travelled to different places & learnt to compose the best memories of life. My passion for capturing beautiful life moments grew bigger, a desire to share with everyone the way I see the world, especially with those who miss the small details & hardly notice the world is beyond beautiful.

When I started Clickfactory Photography in 2014, I was the only soul who single handedly managed all the operations from booking, shooting, editing, printing and delivery. It was quite a lonely journey except where I didn’t ever feel alone because the work had kept me busy. Also, being an International Photographer did not happen overnight.

I have learnt about lighting, posing, composition, post-editing & soak up all the knowledge that I can use to create a good picture. I fled to many countries, met people, shot many wedding fashion shoots and constantly chiselled my skill in photography.

I believe that art forms have no limits and boundaries & that’s when the thought of filming destination weddings and events hit me. I travelled to many idyllic destinations like Paris, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore & many other buzz-worthy locations for events. However, I got a special mention & lots of opportunities in Dubai for a wedding fashion photoshoot at Burj Khalifa & Al Awir Desert, Dubai. The photoshoot was a huge success & then made me the coveted destination wedding photographer that I am today.

Over the years, I felt I have grown to where I am now today with a group of 25 like-minded, passionate & ardent photographers. They share the same spirit, goal and uniqueness as me. It’s what shaped Clickfactory Photography into what it is today. We have grown bigger and better and have four different companies like Aura Events, Wedding Ignite, The Prewedding Company & Clickfactory Little under the parent firm ClickFactory Photography.

We have shot weddings from India to UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, USA, Paris and have bagged accolades and rewards from our clients.

We’re open to weddings of any scale and anywhere in the world. We have captured & crafted many wedding stories & one thing never changes, our forever promise to make beautiful moments.

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