Lotus Herbals unveils digital campaign for its Safe Sun UltraRx Sunscreen Serum SPF 60++++

Lotus Herbals unveils Safe Sun Ultra Rx Sunscreen Serum

DVC targets young modern consumers!

India’s leading natural beauty care company Lotus Herbals unveils a new digital campaign for its latest innovation, Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UltraRx Sunscreen Serum SPF60++++, an advanced sun protection product. This high impact digital campaign will be showcased this summer, on digital and social media platforms across the territory of India and international markets that include Nepal, Bangladesh and Dubai. The DVC focusses on the newly launched Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UltraRx Sunscreen Serum SPF60++++, a water-based serum which is crafted with Cica and Hyaluronic Acid. This sunscreen serum provides broad-spectrum protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays and pollutants. This innovative sunscreen serum spreads evenly, dries quickly without clogging pores, and shields the skin. It’s non-greasy and lightweight formula not only protects the skin from sun damage but also keeps it hydrated.

Through the new digital campaign, the brand aims to target a younger consumer base who are very demanding in nature. In the brand film, we see three protagonists representing modern women of today, who are extremely demanding about their expectations. They want it all and they aren’t afraid to say so, whether it’s relationships or with products they consume. In the film the 3 young girls make their demands, seemingly to someone sitting across them. Halfway through the film, it is revealed that these young women are expressing their desire for the Lotus Safe sun UltraRx Sunscreen Serum SPF60++++. With Cica & Hyaluronic acid as key ingredients, this 5-star rated broad-spectrum sunscreen leaves no white cast, no breakouts, blends in 5 secs and above all is Dermatologically Tested.  Now, what more can a girl demand from her sunscreen?

Elaborating on the launch of the new Sunscreen, Mr. Nitin Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, says, At Lotus Herbals we strive to introduce cutting-edge products in the Sun protection category for our discerning consumers. We are excited about our latest innovation, Lotus Safe Sun UltraRx SPF60++++, a unique water-based sunscreen serum. Our new campaign targets a younger audience and highlights the modern women’s high expectations. We are confident that this amazing sunscreen will tick all the boxes for our demanding consumers.’’

Embarking on its biggest digital campaign ever, the brand will run the DVC on social media and digital platforms across India and international markets that include Nepal, Bangladesh and Dubai. Targeting a specific audience of Gen Z consumers the brand will utilise programmatic advertising to deliver the most effective ads to audiences based on a variety of parameters such as shopping patterns etc. The campaign will also run on the brands social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the Lotus Herbals website.  In-store branding and POP will include banners, danglers, table-tops and posters to attract maximum eyeballs and enhance brand visibility.