Lelomoz – Made in India Short Video App to earn money

Lelomoz – Made in India Short Video App to earn money

With the proliferation of Desi made in India short video platforms, Lelomoz, India’s leading Made in India short video app, provides an earning opportunity for users, allowing them to earn a decent income in various ways. Nowadays, entrepreneurs, influencers, and artists create compelling content in the form of short video clips. According to experts, video is one of the best tools for taking a business to the next level, and Lelomoz has made video creation easier than ever. As the leading player in the short video platform industry, the Lelomoz application provides the power of video storytelling to millions of people worldwide. It has emerged as the leading homegrown short video platform. This short video app was made in India to support the Make in India campaign, and its user base is elevating. The Founders are Sunil Duhan and Kuldeep Sharma.

Lelomoz is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali and has a 4.9 rating on Google Play. It comes with a variety of tools for editing videos with beauty effects, filters, special effects, stickers, emoticons, and so on. It is a place where every creative personality can not only watch and enjoy the latest video of their favourite creator but also record and upload their own videos and compete to become a star. You can improve your videos by including amazing effects and filters, as well as music. You can record your video and add a spark of enthusiasm and awesomeness. The increased popularity of the Lelomoz short video platform has made them the new standard of entertainment and has undoubtedly boosted the video content marketing industry in 2022.

Today, short video platforms are reshaping the content marketing industry in unprecedented ways. This new-age video platform Lelomoz is trending everywhere, from redefining the conventional method of storytelling, marketing, and advertising to creating internet celebrities. According to research, the mobile video consumption rate increases by 100 per cent each year due to guaranteed increases in engagement, exposure, and conversion. Because of the recent pandemic outbreak, the popularity of short video creation has skyrocketed. The main reason for this is the duration, which has proven to be convenient and appealing to a global audience. On Lelomoz, users can create videos about lifestyle, health, fitness, and a variety of other topics.

With advanced privacy and security settings, it is completely safe for users, and this makes the platform stand apart from the crowd. Being Indias one of the best short video apps, Lelomoz has created an engaging user experience and has proved to be an earning source for the users in the following ways- 

  • Lelomoz provides two kinds of wallets which are coin wallets and rupees wallets.
  • A user can earn referral income up to 5 levels (5 rupees for 1st level, 4 rupees for 2nd level, 3 rupees for 3rd level, 2 rupees for 4th level, 1 rupee for 5th level), earn lucrative income if they come live on the app, 1000 coins on recording original audio and uploading it to the Lelomoz library, 500 coins on posting a video, get one coin on every video you watch on Lelomoz, Get one coin on leaving happy comments on your favourite videos, Get one coin on creating, uploading, sharing and viewing, Get two coins on giving a love reaction in the video, five coins for every video you share, five coins for every video you download, five coins if you follow your favourite influencer, 5-35 coins on building the bond, Get 10,000 coins once you Get viral. Lelomoz is an earning source that is on a mission to make India rich with their newer initiative.

If you are looking for the best short video app to earn money and viral your video, then you are at the right place. Download the App “Lelomoz – Aao Yaar ab tum bhi Lelomoz”. 

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