Leading Doctors of Tricity talk about Freedom from Diseases: A unique initiative by Simplihealth to celebrate Independence Day

Leading Doctors of Tricity talk about Freedom from Diseases: A unique initiative by Simplihealth to celebrate Independence Day

Chandigarh, 14 August 2021: While the nation battles the pandemic, renowned doctors of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula have come together on Simplihealth platform to talk about Freedom from Ignorance, Rumours, Myths and finally Freedom from Diseases to celebrate and mark the 75th Independence Day.

Simplihealth is a free online platform and a knowledge hub of health-related information that is managed and supported by top-rated doctors, medical professionals, and digital experts.

Dr. Raman Abrol, Dr. Nimisha Batra, Dr. Mandeep Singh Bawa, Dr. Virendra Dhankhar, Dr. Mangla Dogra all have their profiles on Simplihealth.

“In this age of internet we all are self proclaimed medical experts (thanks to Google), but the authority,  trust, proper diagnosis and treatment still lies with a doctor. So this Independence Day, we have had medical specialists team up to help the public in general going by the old adage prevention is better than cure and pledge to keep our nation healthy and free us from diseases.”

The PRO of Simplihealth said while releasing a video that features all the six doctors.

On being asked how the platform will do that; it was informed that “On Simplihealth, we run campaigns and panel discussion with top medical professionals demystifying queries and concerns related to various diseases. The platform has multiple videos of leading doctors and health specialists where they talk about symptoms, treatment and preventive measures.

Simplihealth has become a reliable source of health-related information platform.  And it is people’s  partner for life especially if they want to be aware about correct, authentic and detailed health-related .”

The resilience and dedication the doctors have portrayed during this pandemic is praiseworthy and that motivated the team of Simplihealth in pioneering this initiative of getting the doctors to your home.

In future, Simplihealth will be holding panel discussions with medical specialists as speakers. These panel session would be held online, the speakers, dates and topics would be disclosed prior to the discussions.

Doctors featured in freedom from diseases video are –

  • Anin Sethi, Ophthalmologist at Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic, Chandigarh.
  • Dr Raman Abrol, Consultant Endoscopic ENT Surgeon at Abrol ENT Institute & Research Center.
  • Nimisha Batra, Radiologist at DN Imaging & Diagnostic Centre.
  • Mandeep Singh Bawa, Dentist from Bawa Dental Clinic, Chandigarh.
  • Virendra Dhankhar, Urologist, Andrologist & Rental Transplant Surgeon. Dr. Mangla Dogra, Gynaecologist at Dogra Nursing Home, Chandigarh.

If you have any lifestyle or health-related doubts, then you too can visit Simplihealth website http://www.simplihealth.in.  And save your doubts for later and get all your queries answered by these experts.

Click for the doctor’s message on Independence day: https://fb.watch/7n40WY4ah0/