Ishan Solanki: Success story & life history

Ishan Solanki Success story & life history
Ishan Solanki

Ishan Solanki, known for his deep voice that resounds with love tunes, is breaking new ground in the music industry by conjuring unforgettable notes for youthful hearts. On April 27, 2006, Ishan was born in Dahod, Gujarat, India.

Being a 14 year boy, started his passion into music and sang songs on the state of love, desire, emotions etc. And today his hard work seems to be a successful beat up.

Ishan Solanki has proven his talent for singing in India. In 2019, Ishan began publishing his one of the best music through social media. One of his song feel love has reached a lot of hearts through YouTube.

 He has cast many songs and beats over his career and their can be a example of one of his famous beats love anthem, downtown, noways babe etc.

Being an extraordinary talent with music, he is also a great technophile. He has won a reward in Vancouver too for his performance in an artificial intelligence competition.

Ishan was also popularly known as ISSL. He also has a company named ISSL INNOVATIVES. which contracts with digital marketing.

This earned Ishan various prizes as well. This love song was well-received, earning Ishan several honours and launching him to popularity as a playback singer.


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