Influencerquipo presents Trending Pune Influencers 2022

Influencerquipo presents Trending Pune Influencers 2022

New year comes with new styles, fashion and new dishes to hop on. But how do we stay updated on everything that’s happening around? Don’t worry, Aishwarya Tanna @aishutanna, founder of Influencerquipo got you covered. She interviewed many influencer and here’s a list of top picked trending influencers of Pune which are a must follow because they bring along bundle of new cuisines, fashion, lifestyle, travel and what not. Let’s check them out-

1. Nayaab Petiwala: @livingwhatyoulove

The stunning blogger we admire is Nayaab! Her content is simple yet extraordinary, which is why she has such a huge following on social media platforms be it 41k on instagram or 160k on Josh. Nayaab’s feed is blend of beauty, lifestyle and food. It’s the hardwork and creativity which is put to use to bring out such results. Known to be graceful and elegant, Nayaab Petiwala has always stood out for her style.

2. Johnny : @Johnxnyy

If you’re not following him, you are already missing out on entertainment and some dope travel recommendations. Awarded as Mr. Fit global, 2018 and Luxury lifestyle influencer of the year, Johnny has a dedicated army of almost 51.5k  followers on instagram who benefit from his expertise. He’s a staycation expert, passionate food critic, fitness enthusiast and a lot more. A city brand ambassador of Johnny is setting standards for influencers, with himself having a reach of 2000+ all over India. 

3. Sheetal Patil : @confidentlyshy

At a tender age, Sheetal has achieved milestones in her career. With a banging fanbase of 116k on instagram, she has the potential of becoming a sensation. Her page is all about beauty and lifestyle. Started her journey in 2019, Sheetal has over 200+ brands collaboration today. Having said that, she is also an amazing travel blogger who loves to travel to different destinations, always exploring and experiencing new things.

4. Surya Sharma : @foodiepreneur

There’s so much that it’s easy to miss out be it street food or fashion. But not in the watch of Surya Sharma. Following his passion of blogging since last 8 years and as the name suggests, he’s also an entrepreneur. Surya wholeheartedly belives that even if someone took a year to try different vegetarian cuisines, it wouldn’t be enough. His feed will take you through varity of food destinations, fashion hacks, beauty all in one. With a power packed following of 14.5k, Surya is yet to discover his limit. 

5. Isha Shah: @trafoodology

How can our ‘Super Womaniya 2019’ be missed when it comes to trending influencers. Isha Shah, an advocate by profession, influencer by passion and a baker by love. Isha is a Baker and Social Media Influencer. In 2018, her journey began as an Instagram chef and fashionista. Cut to 4 years and few awards later; she is a popular name among bakers and bloggers! Her page is a perfect combination of food and travelling. More than 11.2k people are adoring this sibling page on Instagram.

6. Jeniffer Anthony : @jenny_anthony

If you love eating at fancy restaurants or just fond of street food, Jeniffer Anthony on instagram is one stop destination for you. She comes with new places to explore, and has honest unbiased opinion on all. Started her journey 3 years back, and now is on top list with more than 13k followers. Her love for food shines through pictures she posts. 25 with good tastebuds, none other than our girl.

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