Influencerquipo presenting Inspiring Life Journey of Finalist of Mrs. India Inc. Shashi Priyadarshini and @shashipriyadarshini

Influencerquipo presenting Inspiring Life Journey of Finalist of Mrs. India Inc. Shashi Priyadarshini and @shashipriyadarshini
Shashi Priyadarshini

“I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself, each day.”

An accomplished Corporate Lawyer by profession, with a decade of legal experience, a finalist of Mrs. India Inc 2022 by passion, A certified makeup artist by choice and dogs mum by heart.

Shashi Priyadarshini, born and brought up in Patna and currently living in Mumbai since 2015. She has been fortunate to have received her initial education from St. Michael’s, Patna followed by legal education (B.A.L.L.B) Hons. from Chanakya National Law University, Patna.

She is passionate about fashion, painting, learning new makeup skills, travelling and photography, she is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, loves trying her hands on cooking different dishes etc. Being a mommy of two sweet dogs whom she has adopted from streets, she wants to raise awareness for animal rights.

The idea of being a model sounded absurd few years back, considering the time constraints the black coat,the briefs and the files to bring in a Lawyer but she has always pushed herself to dream big. Her journey as a model started with Cocoaberry Academy, a renounced Pageant training institute run by Alisia Raut and Anjali Raut. A well-known name in Modelling and Pageant, and the best mentors. Shashi was prepping herself to participate for Mrs. India Inc. 2022. Cocoaberry, was a wholistic learning experience for her, during the Cocoaberry training journey she learnt a lot of things and made some good friends, and she did modelling, beauty shoots etc.

Shashi was always passionate about makeup arts and learning new makeup skills so enrolled herself to Platinum Makeup artist course at Airblack Beauty and learnt new makeup skills. She earned 27 different makeup courses certificate and now she is a certified platinum makeup artist.

In the journey was Mrs India Inc. she utilized these training and skills to be at par in that cutthroat competition and she was able to get selected as a Finalist, which was a great achievement for her. In the journey she made some real good friends and met some amazing personalities. She feels she couldn’t have made it possible without her Husband’s support and love. She also wants to thank all the mentors who has helped her to be whatever little she is today.

As growing up, she learnt from her parents that perspiration with determination is the key to success. She is proud to say that she was able to stand up to the challenge to be the sole bread winner, when her husband decided to follow his passion, and here she is, with her dreams. While also taking care of her home. Wearing multiple hats with grace and smile and breaking the patriarchal shackles has given her the strength and fuelled her ambitions to be the role model our country desperately needs.

She strongly believes that each woman is beautiful and all of us are worth our individual salt.

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