India is 2nd largest population country in the world, so the demands for label printing is big

India is 2nd largest population country in the world so the demands for label printing is big
Label Printing Machine

In 1965, Mr. Chin-Shiung Lo founded Labelmen Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce the first automatic 2-color desktop press PW-80. To making a step forward toward globalization and develop a solid foundation for future progress, Labelmen has invested a huge amount of capital to build a fully automatic and ideal production base in LinkouIndustrial Park (Kung 4) in Kueishan to continue its mission to develop state-of-the-art printing machinery and bring more benefits to customers. Machines installed in 96 countries globally currently. Here is an interview from Jim Tien, Director – Sales

What specialized products does Labelmen International offer?

  1. PW 260 / 460 SERIES:  FULL ROTARY LETTERPRESS / FLEXO PRINTING MACHINE – One of our ICON printing machine “C.I. Drum full rotary PW series” (wildest application) – It can finish everything (pre and post printing) on one pass.

2. FDW-360 HR SERIE: TOP SPEED ROTARY STYLE FLAT-BED HOT STAMPING (EMBOSSING) & INTERMITTENT ROTARY / FLAT-BED DIE-CUTTING MACHINE – World top speed (100 meters / min.) flat-bed hot stamping / die-cutting machine.

  1. RFID Turnkey solution/ RFID inlay inserting with printing machine

These days companies and brands are going digital and VR and using technology innovations. So how are these new trends influencing your sector?

Innovation is our nature and our machine is more digitalized day by day, e.g. web tension control by digitalized HMI touch screen instead of manual switches etc. VR is more applicable for our after service to our machine users, as our drawer office developing 3D machine maintenance drawings at the moment.

What are the key big trends you foresee for your sector over the next 5 years?

High efficiency, widest applications, user-friendly designs etc state-of-the-art machine.

Eco-friendly and environment safety is a conscious effort by companies today, so how challenging is it to remain relevant for these green initiatives?

Our machine mainly using UV ink to print. UV ink is so-called environmental friendliness ink as no Vocs etcas well known in this field. We are still working on machine developing with environmental care consideration.

Why is India a lucrative market for Labelmen International?

India is 2nd largest population country in the world, so the demands for label printing is big and quality improved day by day. Our printing machines can follow this trend especially for the buyers who looking for high-quality products.

Which are the sectors in India that you see potential demand for your offering?

Narrow web label printing, RFID markets.

What is the potential business you expect to garner in India?

Narrow web label printing, RFID markets.

How does Labelmen International stand out against the local manufacturers, in India?

Brand reputation, product quality and 56 years experiences in 96 countries globally.

How many countries outside Taiwan have you created your presence?

95 countries.

What was the strategic focus to partner with TPC?

By stronger data base TPC have and the ability for client discovery, TPC can find top pyramid clientsfor us developing.

How do you plan to expand your business in India?

We need professional agent / partner to have ability to do good guiding to clients, beside the basic promotion / sales activities e.g. website, social medias, flyers, magazine, exhibition etc.

What are the key challenges you face in the Indian market?

Explain why / how / what our machine is the best suit machine to client, instead of price competition only. We need professional agent / partner to have ability to do good guiding to clients.

Post Covid how has the sector fared and what are your key strategic plans?

Post Covid means Covid is no longer heavy threat to human life, can be treated as just catch cold or fluid.If so, human life should back to normal, same as for sales activities (visiting by each other with clients, face to face communication etc under fully vaccinated.)