Hollywood manager and producer Orlando John next project: Crypto currency largest scam

Hollywood manager and producer Orlando John next project: Crypto currency largest scam

Orlando John (born July 5, 1978) is a talent manager, promoter, and film producer based in Riga, Latvia best know for managing actor Joel Kinnaman. Some of his other clients include Rick Yune, Robert Davi, Kelly Gale, Julio Iglesias, Cleo Kinnaman, Wyclef Jean, and Filatov & Karas to name a few. Managing such a large roster of talented artists and performers is no simple task, but Orlando has remained at the top of the industry for the past 25 years thanks to his hard work and devotion. He has always advocated for promoting the best talent that merits attention as the founder and CEO of Orlando John Ltd. The company began operations in 1997 under a different name, which was derived from a small Swedish town. Today, Orlando John represents some of their group’s most skilled individuals, with offices around the world including Stockholm, Riga and Bangkok.

The organization has a dedicated talent buying branch that assists promoters in acquiring talent for their events, such as concerts, corporate events, and private events, among other things. Orlando John also works with companies all across the world to book their talent. John is the perfect example of how the experience speaks for itself. Orlando John’s most recent effort is Coins, which began as a podcast and evolved into a documentary featuring some of the most prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry. COINS is the first documentary to chronicle tell the complete story of cryptocurrencies from its inception to the present day.

The frauds, the drugs, the hackers, the millionaires, and the bankruptcy are all depicted in this series. Coins is narrated by Hollywood actor Robert Davi. Orlando John is currently working on several documentaries and film projects including the story of Kari Wahlroos and Onecoin.

Watch the first episode of Coins here:


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