EXCLUSIVE! Kiran Bedi’s take on ‘Education for life & Global Citizenship’ in C-20 Conclave at Auro University, Surat

EXCLUSIVE! Kiran Bedi’s take on ‘Education for life & Global Citizenship’ in C-20 Conclave at Auro University, Surat

Since 2011, Auro University based at Ichchhapore, Surat is dedicated to shaping the next generation of leaders through innovative techniques of education. Auro University is committed to fostering a sense of community and promoting holistic development for all.

As a part of one such unique initiative, Auro University organized a C-20 Conclave on ‘Education for life and Global Citizenship’ under the G-20. The event was graced by eminent personalities such as former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Dr Kiran Bedi, Padmabhushan Prof. Kapil Kapoor, Prema Nedungadi, Dr Hindol Sen Gupta, among many others. The esteemed panellists for this conclave included Ajay Ranka, Prof. Rajan Welukar, Kalyani Raj, Prof. T V Kattimani, Abhay Mangaldas, Padmashree Vishnu Pandya, Kirtee Shah, Prof. Mangala Sunder Krishnan, and Dr Neerja Gupta.

The managing committee of this conclave from Auro University Mr Suresh Mathur, Dr (Prof.) Parimal Vyas, Prof. Monika Suri, Prof. Amreesh Misra, Prof. Nimesh Joshi, and the team ensured that this pioneering conclave brought all renowned experts from the discipline of education under one roof to spread the light on this subject.    

Distinguished panellists from all walks of life shared their ideas, opinions, and life lessons to motivate students and young individuals present in the audience, including a valedictory address by Dinesh Dasa, former GPSC Chairaman, Gandhinagar.

During the course of this event, Nihharr Saraswala, President of World Records Foundation talked exclusively with Dr Kiran Bedi on her ideas on crucial aspects of education for life and global citizenship. Dr Kiran Bedi, a Ramon Magsaysay Award winner, and first Indian and Indian woman to be appointed as the head of United Nations Police suggested the students that the first step to success is to hold on to the integral values we have. She further touched upon the importance of naturally gaining knowledge and how we must dignify the essential responsibilities bestowed upon us as students climb to higher positions in their professional lives. Mesmerized and awed, all participants were captured by the magnetism of her slide presentation which emphasized on the importance of dreaming in order to achieve. She emphasized about the essentials in a leader – empathy, a leadership capacity and problem analysis skills. In alignment with the Aurobindo philosophy, Dr Kiran Bedi said that no being can be free without nurturing a personal relationship with their real self, one that is conceived as something wider than the individual. Later on, Dr Bedi had a video communication with Mr Hasmukh (H.P.) Rama, Founder President and Chancellor of Auro University and they discussed about the importance of spreading spiritual values of care, compassion, equality and honesty in everyone’s life, especially the students, to whom the future belongs.


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