“Empowering Women with Disabilities: Adaptive Clothing Startup Redefines Fashion and Inclusion”

Empowering Women with Disabilities Adaptive Clothing Startup Redefines Fashion and Inclusion

She aims to raise awareness about disability and inclusion, support disability-led businesses, create employment opportunities, and donate to disability-related causes. Kashvi Khurana, a 16-year-old student from Woodstock International school wishes to break down stereotypes about disability and create more fashionable and functional clothing for special women. She is using her education and skills to make a positive impact in our Indian communities.

Kashvi came up with her own adaptive clothing brand named ‘Ka.pable’ with an aim to provide disabled women with confidence, independence along with style and comfort. Her student startup offers a range of adaptive clothing, including shirts with Velcro closures and pants with elastic waistbands. Anyone who has difficulty with traditional clothing due to a medical condition or temporary injury can benefit from her Ka.pable clothing.

Kashvi endorses that the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Here are Kashvi Khurana’s styling tips that may help you feel more attractive in your adaptive clothing:

  • Choose clothes that fit well: Clothing that fits well can help you feel more confident and comfortable. Be sure to try on clothes before you buy them to ensure that they fit properly.
  • Wear clothes that suit your body type: Different body types look best in different types of clothing. Experiment with different styles to see what works best for you.
  • Accessorize: Adding accessories, such as jewellery, scarves, or belts, can help to add interest and personality to your outfits.
  • Dress for your own personal style: Wear clothes that reflect your own personal style and personality. This can help you feel more authentic and confident in your appearance.
  • Take care of your clothes: Keep your clothes clean, ironed, and in good repair. This can help you feel more put together and confident.

Kashvi thinks that the Personal Project helped her to become an independent learner and her supervisor, Nalayini Nantha, guided her to develop important skills that will be valuable in their future studies and career. She gives all credit of her successful project to the IBDP curriculum in her school.


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