Dr. Sunny Gupta’s Mentorship: Teacher’s 30kg Weight Loss Triumph

Dr Sunny Gupta, Javed Munshi, renowned diet and detox expert, Surat, Weight Loss

Surat, (Gujarat) [India]: In a remarkable feat of dedication and perseverance, Javed Munshi, a 37-year-old teacher from Kamrej, has achieved a staggering weight loss of 30.0 kgs in just 85 days under the guidance of Dr Sunny Gupta.

Under the proficient mentorship of Dr Sunny Gupta, a renowned diet and detox expert based in Surat, Javed Munshi initiated on a transformative journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Dr Sunny Gupta’s personalized diet plan emphasized the importance of balance, allowing Javed to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods, including traditional Indian dishes and non-vegetarian options. 

“Every journey begins with a single step,” says Dr Sunny Gupta. “With the right guidance and determination, remarkable transformations are not only achievable but sustainable. Javed has also broken the previous fastest weight loss record set six years ago at my clinic, his achievement stands as a clear demonstration to the power of commitment and expert guidance.” Adds Dr Sunny Gupta. 

“Dr Sunny Gupta’s tailored detox regimen played the biggest role in my transformation, cleansing my internal organs and boosting the energy levels.” said Javed Munshi.

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