DJ DYNAMIKE Exclusive Interview with Qatar’s No – 1, Olive 106.3 Radio FM with RJ Simran Kaur!

DJ DYNAMIKE Exclusive Interview with Qatar’s No – 1 Olive 106.3 Radio FM with RJ Simran Kaur!
DJ DYNAMIK Live at Olive 106.3 Radio FM

Richard Dimonti aka DJ DYNAMIKE is a fixture in the international DJ scene. He is from India – Pune city born on 30th Jan 1994 he went on to create huge fan following in Qatar, DJ DYNAMIKE known for his energy & style of music he spins for people here. He is also known as the non-alcoholic athletic DJ in town!

Here’s an Exclusive Interview with Qatar’s No. 1 Radio station 106.3 FM with DJ DYNAMIKE & RJ Simran Kaur

How’s your Journey in DJing –

Firstly, thank you so much Simran for having me here, well my journey has exactly been like a graph, with crazy up’s and down’s in my early days I really struggled hard to get myself on a good stage. I was my own PR I used to reach out to club managers to fix up my gigs and just to gain fame I even did free gigs, I guess it’s just a part of DJing, and that hard work I believe has indeed paid off and I am tremendously happy that I learnt from my journey and struggles and that helps me move forward towards my goals.

How’s Qatar treating you –?

I’m in love with this country it’s really vibrant and beautiful here, people here are so loving, accepting and kind, they immensely appreciate my music what makes me all the more joyous is that they make Instagram tags, stories and post selfies with me I have a sense of accomplishment that I’ve lived up to my name DJ Dynamike and made fans here too, there have been many times that my gigs have gone completely sold out, which says it all that people here love me my music and my vibe, this feeling that’s what I am here for! I love it.

How’s your experience in Qatar now –

Oh I have to say the temperature here is as hot as I am (joking) but I’m really enjoying it here, I love exploring Qatar like the beaches and the humungous malls and the best part is playing for premium clubs, so if I sum it up its been AMAZING! With that note DJ Dynamike signing off, thank you Simran once again for having me in Qatar’s No – 1 Olive Radio 106.3 FM Jiyo Bindass

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