Disrupting the Cloud Call Center Industry: The Journey of CallerDesk’s Founders 


Noida (Uttar Pradesh), [India]: These days, businesses of all shapes and sizes are leaving behind traditional systems, embracing the agility and scalability offered by various cloud-based solutions. Likewise, the cloud call centre industry is booming with remarkable transformation. At the forefront of this change stand Kaushal Bansal and Rajesh Dimania, the founders of CallerDesk. 

After simplifying client assistance processes for over 1,000 businesses, CallerDesk has emerged as a prominent player in this demanding field.

Channelising the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hailing from non-metropolitan backgrounds, Kaushal and Rajesh created a ripple in the contemporary startup environment. 

Kaushal, coming from a business family, always harboured the dream of establishing his venture. This aspiration led him to attempt launching a business three times before realising the value of a solid partnership. That’s when Rajesh Dimania joined the venture with his wealth of expertise in the IT sector and shared similar aspirations for entrepreneurial independence. 

The dynamic duo’s similar vision ultimately united them, laying the foundation for CallerDesk’s creation in 2016.

Overcoming Hurdles and Prioritising Needs

Their journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Their non-traditional backgrounds presented challenges in navigating the intricacies of the tech startup world. 

Leveraging its powerful assets, determination and commitment to learning, the company has overcome challenges and served varied enterprises, like Park+, Gomechanic,  HCL Avitas, and many more. 

They actively solicited user feedback, ensuring CallerDesk catered specifically to the needs of the SME sector. CallerDesk’s user-centric approach resulted in a platform that offered features typically found in enterprise-level solutions while maintaining an accessible and cost-effective strategy for smaller businesses.

Significant Features with Benefits

CallerDesk provides its businesses with a robust array of tools designed to streamline business communication and enhance customer interactions. These include:

  • Virtual Numbers: Designed for intelligent caller management and self-service options.
  • Cloud Call Center: A cloud-based solution for real-time call centre management, including agent performance tracking and break scheduling.
  • Click-to-Call: A seamless way for website and app visitors to connect with businesses instantly.
  • Auto Voice Dialer: Streamlining customer interaction through automated call patching to support teams.
  • Mini Lead CRM: An integrated CRM system for managing customer data directly within the platform.

Milestones Crossed

Several national-level organisations have recognised CallerDesk’s potential. From the Atal Incubation Centre at Shiv Nadar University to Tata Do Big Stories, significant establishments have praised CallerDesk for their efficiency and contribution to boosting businesses.

Furthermore, the company is a proud recipient of recognition from the Government of India’s “Startup India” program. Additionally, CallerDesk has garnered accolades from esteemed organisations like IIM Lucknow Enterprise Incubation Centre.

Client Testimonial

One of the renowned businesses in the automobile industry commented on the efficacy of CallerDesk’s platform and shared his experience as a part of the client testimonial. They remarked, ‘… A simple, easy-to-use interface with quick integration. The platform is intuitive and dummy proof!…. Would recommend this platform to everyone looking for easy and scalable cloud telephony solutions.’

The story of CallerDesk’s founders is a testament to the power of robust determination and a user-centric approach. By prioritising the needs of the SME sector and leveraging innovative technology, CallerDesk has positioned itself well to empower businesses and redefine communication in the digital age.