Cream Centre- The best Chaat’s in Mumbai

Cream Centre- The best Chaat’s in Mumbai

Cream Centre is a Veg Bistro serving global cuisine interpreted through an Indian lens. Fresh, flavourful and tangy recipes made for real, actual, everyday life. Helping you celebrate the joy of food in a totally non-intimidating way. They have been serving an ever-evolving menu of casual comfort food that is created by a team of people who are passionate about discovering new tastes and ingredients, while staying true to our Indian roots. Cream Centre brings you exciting dishes, perfectly blended with a relaxed dining experience, making us the perfect place for a feast with family or just a quick bite on the go.

In India, “chaat” is not just a snack, it’s an emotion. It’s a way of life, and a category of food that hits practically every element that makes something desirable- sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, and crunchy. Chaat can be enjoyed anytime. It’s light enough to be eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, but satisfying enough to take the place of lunch or dinner. What better place to treat your palate than the Cream Centre itself? Since it caters to all your needs and doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to serving you the best cuisine from around Mumbai. It’s a fuss-free and easy-going place which lets you relax and unwind, all the while indulging your taste buds in the sweetest and tastiest of experiences ever! This place has been taking care of hunger pangs for the last 63 years and continues to do so. Having said that, there is no compromise on the quality and variety of food. We see people here enjoying chaats like never before. They serve cold chaats which include Sev Batata Puri, Dahi Batata Puri, Pani Puri and much more. We can take a tour with every bite, starting from Delhi with Delhi Papdi chaat to Varanasi with Awadhi Samosa Chaat and to Mumbai’s all-time favourite Bambaiya Ragda and Karara Aloo Tikki Chaat. Their best seller also includes Chaana Bhatura and a range of Nachos as well as Sizzlers.

Having 8 outlets in Mumbai and in total of more than 20 outlets all over India, people are fanning over this Bistro. Currently located in Chowpatty, Phoenix Palladium, Marketcity kurla, R City Mall, Juhu 10th Road and many more places spreading across India. The restaurant chain also exceeded in Andheri west at two locations Shoppers stop and Fun Republic Mall with its newest outlets. With calm vibes and Instagramable ambiance, we find many teenagers with friends, couples and family enjoying their time and creating memories in it while saying ‘ek plate aur’. If you taste the serving, you wouldn’t mind having a second serve of that. It’s a must-visit place for all you foodies because happiness starts here!

63 YEARS and Cream Center is yet serving their customers with the same good food quality and its signature dishes, since 1958.


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