Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Goldenkey Shapes Living Experiences


In the metropolis of Hyderabad, India, the real estate company Goldenkey symbolises trust, transparency, and advanced technology. Established in November 2019 by the first-generation entrepreneur Mr Sudheer Kirthi, the company distinguishes itself through its strategic advantages – a prime location just 700 meters from the lake, a Green Residential Zone, and competitive pricing compared to its counterparts.

Goldenkey Meraki offers a harmonious blend of modern living and natural tranquillity. Comprising 280 homes, this cosy community is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing a lifestyle rather than just living spaces.

Exceptional Amenities for Every Desire:

Goldenkey Meraki promises to cater to every resident’s desire with its spacious homes and amenities. From badminton and basketball courts to parks for kids and seniors, the community fosters a sense of inclusivity and well-being. The carefully curated amenities, including a swimming pool, indoor gaming facilities, banquet hall, spa, gym, and more, ensure residents experience a lifestyle upgrade beyond the ordinary.

Architectural Innovation for Bright and Airy Living:

Goldenkey Meraki’s architectural innovation shines through in the design of each flat. Natural light and ventilation are prioritised, creating a living space that is comfortable and energy-efficient. The premises are thoughtfully designed to promote a sense of community among residents while ensuring privacy and independence for each family.

Artistry Beyond Residences:

The construction exhibits quality and durability, from teak wood door frames to UPVC doors with clear float glass. The flooring, paintings, doors, and windows are carefully chosen to enhance each home’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

Sustainable Living and Security:

Goldenkey Meraki is all about living sustainably. It has a unique system to manage waste using a sewage treatment plant and rainwater harvesting pits on the ground floor. The development also prioritises security with round-the-clock surveillance, panic buttons, and intercoms in lifts.

Strategic Location with Connectivity:

The location of Goldenkey Meraki adds to its allure. Within proximity to renowned schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and IT hubs, residents enjoy the convenience of easy accessibility to essential services and entertainment options. The lakeside locale, situated just 700 meters from Ameenpur Lake, promises a serene retreat from urban life, fostering biodiversity with blooming wildflowers and diverse bird species.

Goldenkey Meraki offers a lifestyle immersed in the captivating beauty of the lake. As a future tourism hub, the lakeside locale ensures sustainable development, promising residents a tranquil oasis within arm’s reach. It redefines the concept of home, offering more than a place to live but a haven where residents can embrace nature, community, and a modern yet serene way of life.