Acumant extends new employee benefits as it expands to two new locations


As a company heavily focused on equipping employees with the best training, resources, and opportunities, Acumant has taken yet another step in the interest of employees and their emotional and financial well-being. Acumant will be one of the first few companies in India to explore the possibility of pushing ahead salary payouts to the 25th of the month. This initiative of preponing payouts by 10 days aims to offer financial composure. The endeavor will take shape in India and Sweden, with other locations to follow.

The Swedish tech company has also offered an addition to the insurance benefits where employees can cover parents in addition to self, spouses, and children.

“Our people are our strength. We believe in offering composure in all forms to ensure they have the mind space to deliver exceptional results” said Dinesh Shenoy, Chief Operating Officer, Acumant.

Acumant recently inaugurated its new office in HSR, Bangalore. The office is the second physical location to turn operational this year, inaugurated by the MD of its client, a multi-billion Japanese automotive conglomerate.

The office is all set to welcome and train employees to work on projects associated with some of the world’s largest companies. Currently, the company works with global enterprises, most of which are over a billion dollars in size with a global presence.

In addition to efforts taken in the interest of employee well-being, Acumant has introduced policies that they hope will be a cornerstone in building the culture they envision

  • Extended paternity leave for two weeks
  • Definite opportunity to travel overseas to global locations after three years of completion
  • Employee well-being allowance
  • Skills and training allowance

Acumant is focused on developing an environment that nurtures a strong work-life balance where employees are encouraged to learn and grow during work hours and stay offline after work hours to pursue their passion and live stress-free.

Acumant is a Swedish company with a presence in India, the USA, Netherlands, and UK. Acumant has strong competencies in Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications (Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Experience) and Azure Stack of Solutions and Services.

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