Aamar Srivastava – An award winning Passive Income coach and One Man Army behind many Dreamers.

Aamar Srivastava – An award winning Passive Income coach and One Man Army behind many Dreamers.
Aamar Srivastava

Currently based out of Chennai, Aamar Srivastava was born on 25th September 1987 in the small town of Uttar Pradesh named Balrampur.

He formed his first Dream Company (DREAM CAREER HUB) in September 2021 and there is a big story behind the Foundation of Dream Career Hub.

Dream Career Hub is not only a Company, it is a Bread winner for many graduates in INDIA. It was 2017 when Aamar lost his Job and he had to go through a very tough time due to lack of Job and lack of Money then he got a call from one of his friend and that friend told him that Aamar has a very good quality of Resume writing. Since 2017 till 2021 he has helped more than 5500+ individuals to get the Job without charging even a single Rupee. That is the Strong Foundation of DREAM CAREER HUB.

During COVID 19 Aamar has seen lot of people were struggling with food and hunger then immediately he founded his NGO and started helping people to provide food during crisis. Today that NGO (Sahyog Charitable Foundation) is taking care the Education of multiple Orphanages in Chennai.

He formed his third organization when he got a call from one of his friend and that friend was in need of Social Media Marketing Agency. He just asked to allow 24 hours during the phone call at 9:00 AM in the morning and Evening 9:00 PM he has logo, website and Government Registration was finished and boom, he has his third organization was ready. Today that organization is helping lot of trainers and coaches in Social media marketing, website designing and Digital Presence. The Third Organization name is IPSIT Branding, which is an LLP based out of Chennai and has multiple branches in India such as UP, Bangalore and Tamil Nādu.

In the year of 2022 he was building himself and the strong Foundation of his New Company where he his helping people to create multiple sources of Income. He was able to make more than 30 (Active and Passive) sources of Income and when he was able to get the result for few clients then he formed a new company name“YOUR SECOND SALARY”. And today YSS is having more than 100 clients who are working closely with Aamar and creating different Sources of Income.

He Runs a Club every single day in the Morning 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM where he helps people to learn about productivity and Time Management. Club Name is “ACTION TAKERS CLUB” and this club has produced multiple result in just one month of the launch.

You can find him in any of the social media on Every Sunday 6:00 PM, he runs a Live Show called “Coffee with Coach”, where he invites speakers, Trainers, coaches, industry experts and thought leaders to share their idea to help his social media followers. Idea is to help people to take Action after watching the Live Show.

Year 2021 he got a call from one of his college juniors and he said that he is not able to find a good genuine Job Consultant, immediately Aamar decided to provide genuine Job Search services to many Job seekers and he formed his own Job Consultancy in just one week.

He is a quick decision maker and firm believer of helping the Mankind.

Learn more – https://aamarsrivastava.com/


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