A look inside six year old Appinventiv that helped global start-ups scale newer heights

A look inside six year old Appinventiv that helped global start-ups scale newer heights

Appinventiv’s extraordinary journey from being a startup in 2015 to emerging as one of the world’s premier names with leading capabilities in product development is nothing short of legendary. By leveraging their core competencies, updating their technology stack to keep up with innovation, and providing a comprehensive range of product development services, Appinventiv has helped numerous startups to become million dollar businesses.

Incubating ideas and developing them into real-time applications, Appinventiv has designed and built over 1200 exceptional digital products supported by first-class expertise on all key technologies. In their pursuit to develop unicorn businesses, they have assisted 74% of their startup division partners in unleashing their full potential and have already raised multi-million dollar investments for them. 

Translating the latest trends and technologies into value for their partners, Appinventiv handles all levels of the product development and ensures the delivery of full-fledged products within strict deadlines. Powered by an unstoppable quest for adopting newer technologies and innovation and to expand their footprint, Appinventiv is also planning to acquire new-age startups.

Building on the legacy to push the frontiers of technology, Appinventiv has initiated a campaign for its people, the Appinventors, in which each Appinventor has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and establish a million-dollar company.  

To better their efficiency, Appinventiv has diversified into two units that serve a wide range of partners. One unit assists start-ups in their business transformation path, while the other assists global Fortune 500 businesses or large enterprise organizations in attaining bigger milestones.

Appinventiv has been delivering experience-led business transformation because of domain expertise in game-changing technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI, ML, AR, and VR, Analytics, Neural Network, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Edge & Quantum Computing.

Backed by a great team of experienced designers, testers, developers, project managers, and business strategists, the team follows the agile development methodology to ensure timely delivery of the project. Every asset of their workforce is digitally skilled in designing, programming, and business analysis.

In their pursuit for delivering digital disruptions internationally, Appinventiv has expanded its global footprints in countries like the United States, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. They have evolved into a worldwide corporation with prominent partners such as IKEA, Dominos, KPMG, ABP Live, Vodafone, Dominos, KFC, Oracle India, Asian bank, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, NASA, the Government of India, the Uttar Pradesh Government, and the Uttarakhand Government.

Speaking on the astounding success of Appinventiv, Prateek Saxena, Director, says, ”As the Indian technology start-up ecosystem continues to be on a growth trajectory backed by rapid digitalization and tech adoption, there is a growing need for companies to provide end-to-end development solutions. With our most compelling product offerings and by helping numerous start-ups to become a million dollar company, we have already proven our mettle in product development. Taking our business legacy ahead, we are continually working to offer a seamless user experience using a wide range of technologies and innovative solutions for an increasingly digital audience.”

The India Digital Enabler Awards, powered by Entrepreneur, which celebrate and recognize innovative digital business models, presented Appinventiv with the award for ‘App Development Company of the Year’ for their outstanding contributions to technical advancements.